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mar 5th

Foghat - Blue Oyster Cult

March, 05 2014

The Northern Lights Theater - Potawatomi Bingo and Casino

Event Description:
Tickets: $30 / $40 / $45

Foghat began its career in 1971 as a bunch of rather unpretentious young Brits with an affection for American blues and ’50s rock 'n' roll. By the middle of the decade, they had evolved into a major touring and recording act, playing a pumped-up brand of boogie-rock to arena-size audiences. The band’s looks grew flashier; its sound fattened and filled out, yet the roots-rock core of Foghat remained ever-present under the surface.

After ’70s hits like "Slow Ride," "Drivin' Wheel" and "Stone Blue," the band continued to record traditional blues and R&B material throughout the years together. In fact, Foghat's final albums reaffirmed its love for unadulterated, primal American music.

Spanning three decades, Blue Öyster Cult has a long and interesting history. The band got its start in the late ’60s on Long Island, New York, as the Soft White Underbelly, before ending up in the "right place at the right time" to create the beginnings of Blue Öyster Cult.

At a time when heavy metal was starting to seem tired, Blue Öyster Cult released records that combined powerful music and intelligent and funny lyrics. A steady flow of albums with great songs, like "Burnin' for You," "Godzilla," "The Red And The Black," "This Ain't The Summer of Love," "Astronomy," "Black Blade," "Flaming Telepaths" and the beloved "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" have made Blue Öyster Cult unforgettable.

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