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Green Bay Fear

105.7 WAPL and Razor 94.7 have your chance to win tickets to Green Bay Fear's Haunted Attractions this Halloween Season! On the corner of Taylor and Bond in Green Bay, with the Beja Shriners!

Dates 105.7 WAPL Razor 94.7
09/26-09/30 Play My Three Songs at 2pm
10/03-10/07 Cutter's Guitar Shop at 4pm
10/10-10/14 Play 4 @ 4pm with John & Elwood
10/17-10/21 Cutter's Guitar Shop at 4pm

Green Bay Fear Haunted Attractions, Where Terror Calls Home...

Awaiting you inside the complex of Green Bay Fear Haunted Attractions are a selection of horrors plucked straight from your nightmares. Equilibrium-bending frights waiting to pluck at your dreams, with our spirits just anticipating your delicious screams.

From our Haunted Midway, you can choose your own haunted adventure - will you stroll through the Twisted Trail, visit Mr. Jingles' Funhouse, or head straight into the ruins of Jaden West's wicked Shawano Manor? The choice is yours.

Once you make it out alive (hopefully), you will enjoy our many amenities, from our Odditorium, featuring artifacts of oddities including the Egyptian Mummified Cat and the shrunken head of an unfortunate adventurer. Cozy up by the fire and take in some live music, or a sideshow at our Freakshow center stage. Perhaps you'll find yourself hungry for a bite to eat? Grab a snack from our food vendors and take a gander at the Voodoo Hoodoo gift shop.