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feb 16th
Z's School of Hard Rocks - Lesson 3 - Gordon Lightfoot (Sundown)
Our rock history lesson today is about a woman born in 1948 in Ontario, Canada. Cathy Evelyn Smith was her name.

She served time in the California State Prison system for manslaughter. She was the person who supplied the drugs to comedian John Belushi that killed him.

But you know Cathy Evelyn Smith by another name, for something she did in the 70’s. That’s when she joined up with a famous musician. She was a backup singer for him, co-wrote songs with him. She even drove the tour bus. And she was this married singer’s mistress as well, which led to the musician’s divorce which at that time was the most expensive in Canadian history.

This musician-mistress relationship weighed heavily on this musician which led him into the world of drugs. He had to end the relationship and when he did he wrote a song about her. The beginning lyrics to the song are, “I can see her lyin’ back in her satin dress in a room where you do what you don’t confess. Sundown, you’d better take care if I find you been creepin’’round my backstairs.

The musician was Gordon Lightfoot. Cathy Evelyn Smith is Sundown.

And that is this week’s lesson from Z’s School of Hard Rocks.