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jul 9th
Z's School of Hard Rocks - Lesson 12 - The Doors / Ray Manzarek
   And now class, it’s time for this week’s lesson from Z’s School of Hard Rocks.
     We were all sad to learn of Monday’s passing of Doors co-founder and keyboardist Ray Manzarek. He was 74 when he died of bile duct cancer in Rosenheim, Germany.
     Had it not been for basketball and a guy named Yogi, we may have never heard of Ray Manzarek. Manzarek grew up on the South Side of Chicago. His first love was basketball but he only wanted to play power forward or center. So when his high school coach insisted he either play guard or not at all, he quit the team. Manzarek later said if it was not for that ultimatum, he might have never been with the Doors.
   Manzarek and Jim Morrison met at UCLA’s film school where Morrison showed Manzarek a few songs he had written and he sang for him a rough version of “Moonlight Drive.” Manzarek liked the songs and the Doors became reality.
   So how did drummer John Densmore and guitarist Robby Krieger arrive on the scene? Manzarek met them at a Transcendental Meditation lecture. Said Densmore, “There wouldn’t be any Doors without Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.”
   And that gentlemen is this week’s “People Are Strange” lesson from Z’s School of Hard Rocks.