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nov 26th 2012
There are few things I think set a bike apart like some great pipes.  Aside from making your presence known on the road, they can change a stock bike into something really personal.  Of course our friends at Stocks Harley Davidson can show you a ton of different looks, but if you're interested in learning a little before you talk to them, I thought this link was really helpful

Personally, I like long pipes that push off the end of the bike if you're just looking to kill time by looking at pipes you I tend to look at the Vance and Hines site.  Here is the link for the Harley pipes, and they've also got some videos like the one below.

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nov 4th 2012
I was just looking through videos of motorcycle riding (it's cold out, I'm going through withdrawals) and found this.  I would never wish ill for any other motorcycle rider, but I've got a lot of dislike for riders who don't respect the road around them.  So, all I'll say is this guy sucks..

If you're still tough enough to be riding, ride safe!
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