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jul 19th
First Listener Bike
This week we’re going to showcase our first listener bike.  It’s from Josh in Wausau and it’s from his trip out to the west coast.  Josh shares this story from his trip…

“This first picture is from my trip to the west coast. The trip spanned two weeks and included stops in Omaha, Denver, Boise, Seattle, LA, back to Denver (in one day), Omaha, and ended back in Milwaukee where I promptly got my first speeding ticket of the trip just 20 miles from home.”

Thanks for sending it in Josh.  If you’d like to share a picture of your bike with everyone on click here and fill out the form.

Also, a reminder that if you’re looking for an excuse to go for a ride and get it to count as a date, Stock’s Garage Party is next Thursday the 19th with Wine and Cheese.  Thanks for checking out the blog, until next time shiny side up.