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may 19th 2011
Bret Michaels has responded to Nikki Sixx's recent "trash-talking," inisisting that the MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist did, in fact, apologize to the POISON singer for saying "a lot of bad crap" about Bret's band.

In a recent interview with The Arizona Republic, Michaels claimed that Sixx said he was "really sorry" about some negative comments his MÖTLEY CRÜE bandmates made about POISON. A few days later, Sixx took to his personal Twitter page in order to "clarify" that he never apologized to Bret for derogatory statements that MÖTLEY made about POISON, explaining that what he did say was "I personally never had anything against you guys as a people but MÖTLEY just sorta thought you sucked as band but let's give the fans what they want and go out and have a good time."

During an exclusive interview with Michaels yesterday (Wednesday, May 18), AOL's Noisecreep asked the rocker if he felt comfortable commenting on the recent Sixx mudslinging.

"No, I love it and I hope you can help me put this to rest," Michaels said. "I'm going to be very blunt and honest. When my career started, Nikki and I hung out and I remember telling him there were some CRÜE songs that I absolutely liked — I took a positive approach to things. You can look back at old photos me and Nikki with our Harley's. We used to ride together because we had a house down the street from each other. At the time, both of our careers had just started and our records had hit. We would go out and party together, I would even join the CRÜE on stage and sing. Everything was great.

"Now at one point – I think it was in the mid-'90s – POISON and BON JOVI were playing the arenas. Our 'Native Tongue' album [1993] had sold a million copies and BON JOVI's album, 'Keep The Faith' [1992], was at about 1.5 million or something and at one point in the middle there, MÖTLEY CRÜE changed singers all this stuff."

"That's around the period when Nikki decided to brand his band differently," Michaels continued. "What confused me about that time period was when Nikki said that Vince [Neil, CRÜE singer] and I were kind of ridiculous. Now these are his words, 'You and Vince are kind of the same — you don't really pick and choose your fans, you just kind of go out and play music.' Well, I thought that's what music was about. I didn't know I was supposed to decide which fan can like or not like my music.

"I did Nikki's radio show about two months ago and it was an absolutely great day. We talked about the tour and everything was cool. Now on the show he says to me, 'Bret, man, what's going on? Let's take a picture together,' and so on. We also did all of this television press for the tour in Los Angeles together and everything was great.

"He even apologized to me and said, 'I sort of said a lot of bad crap about you guys, but you're actually a relevant band,' and he went in and said some other good stuff about a month ago. I got a text from Nikki two weeks ago saying, 'Hey bro, excited to see you on the road!' But then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I hear about him talking trash about us again. I can't keep up [laughts]!"

Read more of Noisecreep's interview with Michaels at this location.

Sixx previously said about CRÜE's decision to embark on a tour with POISON and "special guest" NEW YORK DOLLS, "One of the things MÖTLEY CRÜE said was that we would never tour with POISON because we were sort of punk / heavy metal / glam, we came out of the very, very early '80s and took what we did very... it was very important to us. And then bands came after us and we wanted to kind of separate from them. And we had never planned on touring with any of the bands from that era. There was no animosity — it was just that we put a very clear line. But when the [NEW YORK] DOLLS signed on, it made it seem like it was the right time to do that this tour."

In a February 2004 online posting, Sixx shot down reports that his then-band BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION would be touring later that year with POISON and KISS. "No way in fucking hell would we (BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION or MÖTLEY CRÜE) ever, ever tour with a fucking band like POISON," he wrote. "We have had talks with KISS and I told them very clearly that we would not do the tour if they used POISON. That would be the death of us... I will not be attached to that kind of fake bullshit..." When questioned about his comments in a May 2004 interview with the Stamford Advocate, Sixx explained, "I was in negotiations and said it depends who else is on the tour. If you're going to do a nostalgia thing, we're not interested. If you go get JET or THE DARKNESS, it sounds like fun. All of a sudden they come back with KISS, the BRIDES and POISON! There ain't no way in hell I'm doing that tour. I will not play with fucking POISON. There are followers and leaders. I'm not into followers."

During a July 2005 interview with the Fox 2 TV network, Sixx famously closed out the four-minute chat by calling the interviewer "an asshole" after he was asked the question, "Who rocked harder in the '80s: MÖTLEY CRÜE or POISON?"

When POISON drummer Rikki Rockett was questioned in an August 2006 interview with about Sixx being abrasively vocal in his displeasure about being categorized alongside POISON, Rikki replied, "Nikki really needs to get over it. I don't think a forty-something-year-old man should be acting like that; you'd think with all that Nikki has been through, he wouldn't care about these dumb little rivalries."

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may 14th 2011
So, I'm out last night with a few friends at a local establishment.  The place is a bit crowded, rather warm and I'm wearing my jacket.  After about 5 minutes it's getting quite hot and I decide I have to ditch my jacket.  I ask the lady friend of mine who I rode with for her car keys so I can stash my jacket.  She says sure and "can you put my purse in my car?" Without thinking, I say yes as I just wanted to get outside as quickly as possible.  I grab her purse in one hand, my jacket in the other and head for her car.  I take about 4 steps outside and realize what I'm doing.  I'm carrying a humongous saddlebag of a woman's purse and this goes against everything I believe in.  Not only carrying a purse, but carrying one from a woman I'm not even having sex with.  Makes it waaaaay worse.  I pick up my pace a bit and I feel this car slow down right next to me.  A guy yells "hey buddy, is that your girlfriend's purse."  Already irritated with the entire situation, I say "yeah it is, you f--in, ass...." and I as I turn to face the guy I realize "oh crap."  It's a cop.  "Uh, sorry, sir.  I thought you were someone else.  Uhhhhh, yeah, it's my girlfriend's purse.  I'm just taking it to her car along with my jacket."  Meanwhile, I've got her keys out hitting buttons and the car's beeping, trunk's opening, lights are flashing...."This is her car right here. She's about 2 blocks away from here.  I can take you to her and you can ask her yourself."  He sizes me up for a second and says "forget it."

Of course the cop is thinking I must have lifted the purse.  Why else would any self-respecting man be carrying a purse so big that you could fit an entire Walgreens store in it, if he didn't steal it from some woman.  I, however, am not self, nor respecting.  Moral of the story is never, under any circumstances, carry a woman's purse.  Not your wife's, not your girlfriend's, not your mom's, not even you side action's purse.  Nothing good can ever come of it.
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