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mar 9th
MÖTLEY CRÜE\'s TOMMY LEE: I Would Love To Have ROB ZOMBIE Direct \'The Dirt\'
MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee has backed away from his claim that Rob Zombie will direct the film adaptation of CRÜE\'s band biography "The Dirt - Confessions of the World\'s Most Notorious Rock Band".

Last week, Lee told that "we finally got a director" for the big screen version of 2002\'s "The Dirt". "Rob Zombie is going to direct," Lee said at the time, adding the on-again, off-again movie "is moving forward, which is nice \'cause it wasn\'t moving anywhere for quite awhile. Now things are moving forward." Lee subsequently clarified via email that, "I would LOVE to have Rob Zombie direct \'The Dirt\', but far as I know that\'s not happening. I haven\'t heard that anyone has been picked yet. You know, the drummer\'s always the last to know. :) "

Zombie has been attached to several projects over the last few years, including a remake of "The Blob", but his name has never come up in connection with "The Dirt".

Zombie told The Pulse Of Radio why he\'s never really sure what his next project might be until it actually happens. "I mean, movies are weird because, like, people come to you, people that own the rights to things, and they want to do it, but sometimes just getting the funding to make the project go will take forever. That\'s why you\'re never quite sure what\'s next. Basically, whatever\'s next is usually whatever you can get the money for next."

Zombie\'s \'s official next film as a writer and director is "The Lords Of Salem", about a 300-year-old coven of witches that comes back from the grave to menace the town of Salem, Massachusetts.

Zombie is scheduled to begin pre-production on the film this spring, once he has completed his current tour.

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