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feb 24th
Early Mexico Shenanigans
A few early notes from the 2014 International Incident...

- Spotted a guy motorboating some woman's booty as she got out of the pool.
- Shirtless dude with a guitar strapped to his back, stumbling drunkenly at 4pm
- WAPL listeners certainly know how to drink.
- Len, John, and Elwood went into Playa del Carmen on Sunday, grabbed lunch at the one restaurant in all of Mexico where Rick McNeal was also eating.
- Three words: Fish Spa Pedicure
- Wisco represent! WAPL listener wins a poolside beer chugging contest.
- We don't know what they're called, but the blue drinks at the welcome reception were tasty.
- Distinct possibility that our group will drink this place out of booze. Several times over.
- 175 people on this trip. Second best ever. Hope we all make it back!