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mar 31st 2011
He's been a Rick and Len Show fave for almost a decade! It's Auggie Smith returning to the Rick and Len Show Friday morning at 8!

See Auggie at the Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton through Saturday night. Click here to buy your tickets or call 920-734-JOKE (5653). But Hurry. Thursday night is already sold out and Friday and Saturday shows are selling quickly!
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mar 31st 2011
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mar 30th 2011

March 22nd City of Shawano
A caller complained to police that someone was using an unknown pink liquid to taint their maple syrup.

March 19th City of Waupun
Police were called to the Waupun Community Center where tempers flared between two people attending an ice skating show.

March 19th City of Waupun
An employee at McDonald's reported to police that three men in a red car were just in the drive-through asking for sexual favors from the female employees. They took off on Highway 49. Police made contact, and the driver said it was just his friend joking around, and he didn't mean anything by the comments. The friend was given a warning.

March 15th City of Mequon
A 45-year-old woman was arrested for drunken driving and failure to stop for an emergency vehicle. A squad car pulled in front of the woman but she drove around it and continued while being followed by the squad car with lights and sirens. When stopped, she admitted having one glass of wine at a bagel store which doesn't sell wine. She then began grinding her teeth very loudly saying she always did that when she was nervous.

March 12th City of Whitefish Bay
A 60-year-old woman was arrested for hit and run and failure to report an accident. Two witnesses saw the driver run into a tree, swerve onto the medium and hit bricks and a power box. She stopped her car, got out, smiled and waved at the witnesses and then drove away.

March 10th Calumet County
A caller living on Highway 10 told police there is a light that flashes 5-6 times a night from somewhere behind his property. The area was checked and nothing was found. Hanging a heavier curtain on the window was suggested by police.
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mar 30th 2011
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mar 28th 2011

Listen to The Rick and Len Show this week for your chance Beat the Box Office and win tickets to see the legendary Peter Gabriel live in concert at Summerfest!
The former Genesis frontman and Grammy-winning solo artist headlines the Marcus Amphitheatre mainstage at Summerfest on Wednesday, June 29th. Tickets go on sale Saturday, April 2nd. Click here for more info.
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mar 28th 2011

Remember the early 80's when British ska was all the rage? A little rock, a little reggae and a whole lot of dancing? The English Beat was at the top of the heap and they are back! Catch 'em at Turner Hall in Milwaukee this Friday night. And listen for a chance to win a pair of tickets this week on The Rick and Len Show! Click here to order tickets or get more info.
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mar 24th 2011

The hilarious Greg Hahn joins The Rick and Len Show Friday at 8 am. Catch him at The Skyline Comedy Cafe through Saturday. Click here for ticket info.
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mar 24th 2011

It's time to cast your vote for your favorite Wisconsin band! To cast a ballot for the WAMI People's Choice Awards, click here.
Voting ends April 4th and the winners will get their props at the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Awards April 17th at Turner Hall in Milwaukee.
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mar 24th 2011
The annual Wildwood Film Festival is this Saturday at the Fox Cities PAC. To buy tickets or to just learn more about the films, all of which have some connection to Wisconsin, click here.
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mar 23rd 2011
Have you seen the video they aired on Japanese TV to explain the nuclear reactor crisis to children? It likens the nuclear reactor to a small boy with a stomach ache and as long as he only farts and not poops, everything will be okay. Must see! To weird to miss!
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mar 22nd 2011
Here's a chance to help a lot of people who need bone marrow transplants, including a little girl from our area named Bella Griggs.

Bella has a rare form of anemia that causes bone marrow failure and sometimes leukemia and other cancers.
This Saturday, March 26th from 1 to 4 pm there's a combination benefit and bone marrow registry drive (and a blood drive, too) at the Lawrence University Gym.

Proceeds will be split between Bella's family and the Be The Match National Registry program.

Find out more about Bella by clicking here.
Find out more about Be The Match by clicking here.
Find out more about Saturday's event on Facebook : Bone Marrow for Bella by clicking here.
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mar 21st 2011
March 18th City of Oshkosh
Police responded to Kelly's Bar where two 21-year-old women got into a fight after one of them took too long inside the bathroom. One of the women was using the bathroom while the second waited impatiently outside. The woman in the bathroom came out swinging her fists, and was thrown out of the bar by bouncers. The second woman then went after the woman who took too long in the bathroom and wound up hitting her head on a cement parking block, an injury which required stitches.

March 17th City of Beaver Dam
Police received an anonymous report of a broken bottle on the sidewalk in the 300 block of North Spring Street. The caller said there was glass all over. However when police arrived they found that the bottle was actually plastic and unbroken. The scene was cleaned up by police.

March 15th City of Waupun
Police received a report of possible abuse from a caller who said he was driving on East Franklin Street and that he heard a 3-year-old girl who was outside yelling. Police found there was no abuse going on. The child was just playing on a trampoline.

March 12th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report her mother would not stop texting her.

March 5th City of Mequon
A resident reported that sometime before midnight the previous night, someone covered her vehicle with syrup and tampons.

March 12th City of Oak Creek
An 18-year-old man was cited for urinating in public on the Oak Creek police station. The man was dropped off at the station to secure a ride after the person he was riding with was pulled over without a valid license. The 18-year-old man went outside the police station and urinated on the building despite there being public restrooms in the lobby.

March 8th City of Wauwatosa
A 25-year-old man was arrested for retail theft after he entered a woman's fitting room and put on $430 worth of women’s clothing at Macy's and attempted to leave the store.

March 16th City of Waupun
A woman on East Main Street said she just saw three girls around 14 years of age steal some letters from the NAPA signboard in front of the business. Police found the girls and returned the stolen letters to the store.

March 5th City of Mequon
Police received numerous calls reporting a toilet sitting in the middle of Mequon and Port Washington roads. Responding officers disposed of the toilet.

March 15th City of Beaver Dam
Police received a report of two fist fights going on simultaneously outside of Don Smith Learning Academy. Two boys, 15 and 17, were in a fist fight when their mothers began to throw punches at each other at the same scene. All four were cited with disorderly conduct.

March 12th City of Waupun
Someone told police that a man and woman were fighting on the Wilcox Street and it sounded physical. Investigating officers found that the sounds were several men moving furniture up and down the stairs.

March 11th City of Oak Creek
A 53-year-old Oak Creek man was arrested for disorderly conduct at Pick 'n Save after receiving a report that he was filling carts with merchandise and leaving them in odd locations throughout the store.

March 9th City of Whitefish Bay
A 40-year-old man was mailed a citation for disorderly conduct after a resident walking his dog reported the suspect threatened him verbally and also carried a hatchet in his waist band. The same man was given a warning after he yelled and swore at another resident, again, displaying his hatchet in the process. Two days later, police received a report of the same man pounding on a car. A short time later, the man surrendered his hatchet to police.
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mar 17th 2011
Join The Rockin' Apple's Len Nelson Thursday, March 24th for JAzz Night at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. It's a concert featuring four area high school jazz ensembles and legendary jazz vocalist Steve March Torme.
The high school bands from Appleton North, Appleton East, Oshkosh West and Little Chute all participated in the Junior Achievement JAzz Night program and will have their cd available for purchase at the show.
Len volunteered to mentor the North High kids, so come and see how they managed to get through his teaching to totally kick butt on the horns.
There's even a chance to attend a pre-show reception with New Orleans-style food and music!
For tickets, click here.
Proceeds benefit JA programs and the individual school jazz bands.
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mar 17th 2011
1) May the road rise up to meet you;
May the wind be always at your back.
And should you drink too much and pass out
May your friends stick nothing in your crack.

2) Here's to having drinks with a group of friends.
May the beer never stop flowing.
And here's hoping that Scott Walker
Never tries to put a ban on...collective bar going.

3) May the shots of whiskey be as plentiful
As a politicians lies.
And may the beer always flow as fast
As tears from Jay Cutler's eyes.

4) Life is a difficult road to travel
Full of pot holes and obstructions.
Here's to your life having fewer obstacles
Than this summer's highway 41 reconstruction.

5) May you have a belly full of beer this St. Paddy's.
And some whiskey in your brain.
It's the next best thing to have pumping through your body
Than tigers blood in your veins.

6) Should you see something wee and small this St. Paddy's Day,
That you'll never be able to forget.
I pray to God it is a leprechaun
And not a text from a Quarterback named Brett.
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mar 17th 2011

10. Hey baby, you make my shamrock shake.

9. Why don't you be like St. Patrick and drive the snake out of my pants?

8. I’m hoping to get lucky with a real blonde so would you lift up your skirt and show me if you have a pot o' gold.

7. You make my pants want to get up and Riverdance.

6. I understand you're catholic, so pull down my zipper and I'll introduce you to my holy trinity.

5. Your name must be Danny Boy, cause your pipe is calling me. (for use by straight women or gay men only!)

4. Wanna pet my Irish setter. You're making him stand at attention.

3. You make me feel like I'm the Republic of Ireland because since I started looking at you, my penis is Dublin.

2. Top of the morning. Wanna screw?

1. Forget the wearin' o' the green and let's get right to the wearin' of your ass like a hat!
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mar 16th 2011
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mar 14th 2011
March 9th Village of Wittenberg
Police responded to a call from an employee of the Wittenberg Telephone Company who reported they had no shovel with which to shovel their walk after the previous day’s snowstorm. The employee indicated that they saw a neighbor shoveling his walk with what appeared to be their shovel. Police contacted the shoveler and were able to get the shovel returned to its rightful owners.

March 10th City of Shawano
A resident on Madison Way called police to report a woman turned up at her patio door and repeatedly rapped on the window. The woman then took off her pants and left them outside the patio doors.

March 1st City of Whitefish Bay
A woman on East Sylvan Avenue called police to report a 56-year-old man who approached her about 2 p.m.. The man asked the woman if he could shovel her walk, take her to dinner and cut her hair. He left saying he'd return at 7 p.m. with his business card.

March 6th City of Oshkosh
A 27-year-old woman was arrested for theft after she rented a hotel room on South Washburn Street for two nights. When she checked out of the room, it was discovered she stole two comforters off the beds and a toilet paper dispenser.

February 16th City of Germantown
Police responded to a call from Germantown High School where a 15-year-old boy had dumped a container of milk on another student’s head.

February 22nd City of Stevens Point
Police responding to a fender bender found sunflower seeds scattered inside one of the cars. The 47-year-old woman driving the car confessed to police that she had been eating sunflower seeds just before the crash.

March 6th City of West Allis
Two men, ages 31 and 25, were thrown out of Crazy Horse Gentleman's Club and then assaulted by three unknown men. One of the victims told police that, during the assault, he had a "rotten tooth knocked loose".
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mar 11th 2011
We are proud to name as this week's Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week...whomever's been sending anonymous death threats to the 18 Republican senators since they voted to strip public workers of their collective bargaining rights...and whomever has been sending anonymous death threats to the 14 Democratic senators since they fled the state in an effort to stall a vote on the bill. Obviously, it's a really hot button issue with deeply felt emotions on both sides. But death threats? Really? You think that’s the answer?


For not understanding that this is not some third world country where political decisions are decided by who has the biggest gun but rather, this is America where political decisions are decided by who has the bigger wallet.

For thinking our problems in Madison can be solved with psychotic behavior when clearly what is needed is anti-psychotic medications.

And for threatening to take the lives of Wisconsin state senators. Seriously? Do you really think if they had lives…they would be Wisconsin State Senators? Have you seen these people? If they weren’t Wisconsin state senators they would probably be living in caves, foraging for grubs and learning to scratch their names in the dirt with sticks. Threatening to take a Wisconsin State Senator's life is like threatening to like threatening to take Paris Hilton's virginity, Charlie Sheen's sanity or Vern Troyer's basketball trophies.

We are proud to name whomever has been sending death threats to Wisconsin State Senators as this week's Rick and Len Show...Weenies of the Week.
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mar 11th 2011
Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic, a 56-year-old newspaper seller, revealed his inked artwork in a photo shoot in Valparaiso city. He has so far spent over $80,000 for the 82 tattoos. The newspaper vendor's obsession with tattoos of Roberts started after he watched her in Erin Brockovich.

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