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aug 18th 2014
Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna challenged the guys and they came through...but with beer, not water.
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aug 18th 2014

July 12th Dane County
A 26-year-old woman with a box full of guinea pigs walked into a pet store and tried to put her guinea pigs in with the store guinea pigs. When the store manager told her she couldn't do that, the woman became angry and told him it was not his store but rather it "belongs to the animals". When police arrived, they tried to coax the woman out of the store. However, the woman yelled "I am sorry, my babies" and hurled the box of guinea pigs at officers. Police arrested the woman. The box of guinea pigs were unharmed.

August 14th Town of Emmet
A resident called the sheriff’s department to report someone has left empty McDonald's bags in his driveway. The area McDonald's was contacted to have them check their surveillance video recordings to see if they could identify a suspect based on the time on the receipt left in one of the bags. Deputies were unable to obtain the security video needed to aid in the investigation at this time.

August 15th City of Sheboygan
Police were called to a residence where a drunk mother and daughter were cutting watermelon. The drunken mother reportedly became angry and grabbed the knife. When police arrived the mom was in the backyard and the rest of the family was hiding.

August 9th Town of Menasha
An officer was sent to a residence on Ann Street around 11:30pm after a neighbor called to report loud music. The officer had spoken with two women outside and told them to tell the people inside to turn the music down. A short time later the music was turned up even louder than before. A person looked outside but refused to open the door. When asked to turn the music down, the man replied that all cops are "fascist pigs" and proceeded to turn the music even louder. The man then began chanting on a microphone, "I know my rights. I know my rights." A citation for loud music was issued to the resident.

August 16th Dane County
Police were called to the Henry Villas Zoo after a 24-year-old woman who loves giraffes, climbed over a fence into the giraffe enclosure. Wally, a two-year-old, 12 foot tall giraffe, licked the woman's cheek before turning around and kicking her in the face. The woman was not seriously injured. It is unclear if the kick to the face dampened her love of the tall mammals.

August 7th City of Franklin
Several condominium residents called police and reported they were yelled and sworn at by another resident. Officers determined the man was angry over the placement of bird feeders.

August 5th Village of Shorewood
Police were called to break up a disturbance between two men who were fighting over one of them using the other man's laundry detergent.

August 6th City of Oak Creek
A man called police after he confronted an unknown male who entered his parked car in an apartment complex parking lot and stole a quarter. When the caller told him to put the money back the suspect fled on foot with the quarter leaving behind his bicycle.

August 7th City of Wauwatosa
Police were called to the Boston Store where they arrested a male construction worker for concealing lingerie and a bottle of nail polish in an empty cordless drill case while remodeling the store.

August 3rd City of Waukesha
A man called police and told them he had misplaced his prescription medication and wanted an officer to bring a drug sniffing dog to his house to find it.

August 4th City of Waukesha
A caller told police he could hear neighbors arguing and pounding on the walls. Police learned the argument between a man and woman was over whether to leave the back entry door open or closed.

August 4th City of Waukesha
A resident call police at 11:30 PM to complain that his neighbor was showering too loud. He also told officers that he felt 11:30 PM was an “unreasonable time for people to be awake”.

August 6th City of Waukesha
Four people called police after hearing a man screaming. The man told police he was just excited about having a winning scratch-off lottery ticket.

August 12th Town of Oak Grove
A man called the Dodge County sheriff’s department to report a stray chicken keeps coming on his property and defecating on his porch.
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aug 12th 2014
After a pretty long day in the sun in Deadwood Thursday I was planning to see Jackyl at Fuill Throttle Saloon but the place was an absolute madhouse. By the time I would have reached the place the show would have been half over. Oh, well. I'm sure those guys will be around NE Wisconsin very soon so I'll catch up with Jesse James Dupree then.

This morning I had a chance to visit the Black Hills National Cemetery. It's a humbling place. There were some honor guard guys waiting for a veteran's burial but otherwise just me. As we undertake military actions in the Middle East I was looking directly at what wars really cost. Let's not do that anymore.

Quite a jarring change in scene just a few miles away in Sturgis. The crazy that is the bike rally was in full swing as I set up shop at the Easy Rider saloon right on Lazelle Street. As I talked with Elwood on the Road Show I had tons of bikes to watch, tons of people walking right by, two incredibly buxom ladies serving beers to my right, a bad country band playing behind me and girls with little on hanging from the rafters doing sexy gymnastics on long fabric things. you know, just another afternoon in South Dakota.

I moved over to Main Street which is filled with thousands of bikes and people. I decided to interview a tattoo guy working on ladies in a storefront window. You get free shots of Jack Daniels with your tattoo. I'm sure that makes for some good decision making, right? The tattoo artist is named Spider. Of course he is.

When I say there are lots of bikes, I use the term liberally. Some of the "bikes" are customized so much they hardly look like motorcycles any more.

I hooked up with the WAPL contest winners, Bob and Janet Boehnlein of Brothertown. Nice folks who are really enjoying the trip...especially the Harley Ultra they get to use for the week from Harley Davidson of Appleton. It's their first Sturgis experience and they're loving it. We took in the sights at the famous Knuckle Saloon and they tagged along for some of the broadcast later on Main.

I'm going to miss this place...until next year's 75th Annual Bike Rally. It's going to be twice as nuts.
Ah, Sturgis. Where even the mannequins give it all they've got.

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aug 8th 2014
Thursday's weather was much nicer. Took a scenic route to Deadwood (there isn't really another) and set up shop at the Lucas Oil Road House party. The boys in Unity the Band from back home were the host band. Bassist Tim Perkins gave some lessons on his instrument to the bikini bike wash girls.

The rest of the band did, too.

I asked a local guy what it's like in Sturgis in, say, March when no bike rally is going on. He said, "You could set off a bomb downtown in March and  police wouldn't get to it until April."  The whole area lives off the rally. I reminded him that, in a very real sense, it lives off Milwaukee. As in the Milwaukee iron which drives everything here.
One of the saddest things I've seen here is the dude who fell down and got some drunk rash. No worries, just use a sandwich size baggie, some duct AND masking tape and you've got a Sturgis bandage. But really, man, don't show it off. Put on your shirt. Look closely and you can see his handiwork.

I ordered some Chinese food delivery tonight at the hotel. Worst ever. Cashew chicken was a few nuts, some questionably textured chicken and a bowlful of what I call salt gravy.
Tomorrow I'm headed for downtown Sturgis for the annual WAPL live broadcast walkabout. My backpack radio unit, a butt load of cool bikes, a handful of naked painted ladies and it promises to be interesting on the Road Show from 3-5 Friday.
Until then, I leave you with another shot of Patty and Casey at Full Throttle Saloon. I'm told they got quite popular when I posted a different picture on the 105-7 WAPL Facebook page.

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aug 8th 2014
The trip to Sturgis is god-awful boring until you reach the Badlands area in western South Dakota. I highly recommend getting off the interstate and taking the Badlands loop through the national park. Beautiful scenery, even in fog and mist.

Sometimes you have to wait for local traffic, though.

I got into Sturgis around noon and headed for the Full Throttle Saloon.  I set up the afternoon broadcast (3-5 with the Road Show on 105-7 WAPL. The crazy is full-on at FTS. Girls doing trapeze while hanging from a motorcycle on a suspended wire. Zip lining across the place. Flame breathing dudes with more tattoos than they have skin.
My location is in Club Puh-Pow, which is Jesse James DuPree's (Jackyl) bar at the Full Throttle. I was treated especially well by Jesse's pals Patty and Casey.

Patty (in foreground) was on the air with me for awhile. I think she looks like Sandra Bullock with assets that defy Gravity.
I ran into Stu from Spaude from Appleton and Al Hauberg from Neenah. I'm told Al had an unfortunate man-part injury involving a pole of some kind (use your imagination). Nice fellas having a ball amidst the rain showers which have plagued the 74th Annual Bike Rally. But the weather improved late Wednesday so I headed into downtown Sturgis where I ran into the boys from Unity the Band. They're gigging this week in Deadwood and I'll see them play Thursday. How do you know you're in the only reggae band at the bike rally? You're the only men wearing shorts in Sturgis.

That's Matt Gieseke and Tim Perkins chilling at Side Hack's.
My plan is to do the show live from Deadwood Thursday. Adventures will abound.
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aug 6th 2014


If the only way you could have been exposed to more viral strains is by drinking Charlie Sheen’s bath water…the guy next to you on the airplane might have Ebola.

If he’s being attended to by a doctor who looks suspiciously like Leslie Nielsen…the guy next to you on the airplane might have Ebola.

If he turns his head and coughs more times than Richard Simmons at a National Convention of Hernia specialists…the guy next to you on the airplane might have Ebola.

If he seems incoherent, sluggish and unable to focus…and it’s not just the pilot your drunken pilot…the guy next to you on the airplane might have Ebola.

If he makes more trips to the airplane rest room than the recruiting director for the Mile High Club…the guy next to you on the airplane might have Ebola.

If he throws up more times than the Olson twins at an all you can eat buffet…the guy next to you on the airplane might have Ebola.

If you throws up more times than Lindsey Lohan at an all you can drink buffet…the guy next to you on the airplane might have Ebola.

If he’s already filed two air sick bags and they haven’t even served the airline food yet…the guy next to you on the airplane might have Ebola.

If the entire flight, he is tightly clutching the decorative urn in which he’ll be interred for his return flight…the guy next to you on the airplane is definitely has Ebola.
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aug 5th 2014


10. Mark Murphy announced the Hall of Fame is also inducting a large wad of Ray Rhodes’ chewing gum.

9. It was revealed that the REAL reason he came out of retirement to play for the Jets and Vikings was to avoid listing to Deanna nag him about mowing the lawn. 

8. Lambeau Ring of Honor also making room for a selection of John Madden lip prints from Brett’s ass.

7. Since his former coach Mike Holmgren will be unable to attend, will be replaced by Chumley the cartoon Walrus. 

6. They are also retiring the number of Brett’s pharmacist. (his cellphone number, that is)

5. Only reason Brett agreed to return to Green Bay is the prospect of a big sweaty hug from Larry McCarren.

4. Instead of holding ceremony at Lambeau, Hall of Fame induction will be take place in the basement of the old Philling Station bar in downtown Appleton.

3. Brett hopes Hall of Fame induction will keep him from being remembered like a character in Brokeback Mountain, a well-meaning country boy who’s balls always ended up in the wrong guy’s hands.

2. In a fitting tribute to his family, Hall of Fame exhibit will also include a selection of items shoplifted by his sister and the bathtub she made meth in.

1. When they retire Brett’s number 4, they’re putting the word “inches” after it.
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aug 4th 2014

Five years ago he joined the Vikings.
I’m sure you remember all the fuss.
A decision motivated by spite
That made us declare “He’s dead to us”.

Amid all the controversy,
His indecision and his texts.
We at the Rick and Len Show staged a funeral
For Packer fans to pay their last dis-respects.

Hundreds of you turned out
At an Ashwaubenon bar
To hear the eulogies and dirges
At our Funeral 4 Favre.

Now it’s time to end the bitterness.
It’s time to end the strife.
Mark Murphy has determined.
It’s time to bring Brett back to life.

No one’s ever come back from the dead before
(With one notable exception)
So, how exactly do we bring Brett back?
We’ve never staged a resurrection.

Do we need a voodoo practitioner.
Reciting some kind of incantation.
To bring Brett back from the dead
And to Green and Gold salvation?

Or do we need a crazy doctor
Who specializes in reanimating the supine.
With lightning and electricity
Like some mad Dr. Favre-enstein.

I don't have the answers
But I think Mark Murphy's right.
It's time to bring back Brett.
And give him his own day or night.

And the late Brett Favre says he's ready
He no longer has an axe to grind.
He says he’s coming back in 2015.
Which gives him plenty of time to change his mind.

Photo by the New York Daily News
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aug 1st 2014

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…the driver of a 6,000-gallon capacity tanker is owned by Pagel's Ponderosa Dairy who overturned west of Algoma yesterday spilling 5,000 gallons of manure on to the highway and surrounding property. The driver suffered only minor scratches. The Kewaunee County Sheriff’s Department indicated speed was a factor in the incident.


For dumping 5,000 gallons of manure in the middle of the state when due to the Wisconsin gubernatorial election we are already up to our eyeballs in it.

For not realizing that transporting large quantities of manure is just like sex…sometimes slower is better.

And for spreading crap around Northeastern Wisconsin when we have a 100,000 watt radio station to do that with every damn morning!

We are proud to name the driver of the tanker that over turned spilling 5,000 gallons of manure near Algoma yesterday as this week's Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!

Photo from the Green Bay Press Gazette by Alyssa Bloechl.
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