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feb 27th
Day 5: Ixtapa (Len's Letter Home)
(Len's daily letter home)

Trips like this eventually reach a certain, I don't know, terminal velocity of sorts. For some, it's the plateau of constant intoxication whereby people aren't sure if you are drunk or always like that. For others it is the fear that there's only a couple of days left and you haven't yet done all that you intended to do. I, however, know that I am having a ball, I have more balls yet to attend, and I have several days to enjoy my balls. Uh...hold on. I should rephrase that. But I have the balls not to.

So day two of the broadcast went well. Tequila shots and screams of "aye aye aye aye aye aye" at 7 a.m. may have had something to do with my assessment of said show, but so far, so good.
I jumped on one of the local buses to Zihuatenejo today (90 pesos, or about 80-cents) so I could ride with the locals and enjoy some local flavor rather than just take a cab like most tourists do. I saw a few others from the 'APL crew in town who did the same.

There was lots of walking the dusty streets in search of a purse (hippie-type handbag) for my daughter back home, which was successful. Some cheap ice cold beers, about an hour of traipsing the non-tourist streets and another transmission-grinding bus adventure back to the resort later and it was time for Elwood and Ross's 3 to 5 p.m. show from the beach.

I tried out some blue pants tonight with a Charlie Sheen-type sport shirt. I think the pantalones azul rocked but the jury is still out. Some clerk at Kohl's is gonna get an earful if people talk smack about 'em. But when else are you going to try something like blue pants except for when you are a million miles from home and no one you know will see you? Except for 200 crazies from Wisconsin who are with you.