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jan 3rd
December 4th City of Neenah
A West North Water Street woman called police an reported that while she was at work, someone entered her home, stole her television and replaced it with a different television. Police disagreed, noting that the serial number of the TV matched the serial number listed on the TV box that was in the complainant's bedroom.

December 22nd City of Germantown
A resident on Holy Hill Road called police to reported her coupons are being stolen from the Bargain Bulletin in her mailbox. An extra police watch has been issued in the area.

December 4th City of Green Bay
A 25-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of her second drunken-driving offense after an officer spotted her driving westbound on Mason Street near Webster Avenue with an open trunk. The officer reported cans of Bud Light were visible in the open trunk.

December 9th City of Green Bay
A 29-year-old man at the intersection of Washington and Walnut streets was cited for obstructing traffic and loitering after police say he jumped in front of an officer's car and danced strangely.

December 24th City of Kenosha
Police responded to an emergency call after a 26-year-old man played a prank on his 40-year-old roommate by hiding outside the bathroom and barking at her when she came out. The woman was so frightened by the barking, she repeatedly kicked her roommate in the face.

December 27th City of Marshfield
A 71-year-old woman was struck by a car in a parking lot. The woman said she didn’t see the car backing out of a stall because she was eating a piece of candy.

December 12th City of Neenah
A Church Street woman told police that she and her ex-boyfriend had a verbal argument and that he no longer was welcome at her house. Police located the ex-boyfriend and found he had used a razor to carve "I luv u" on his left arm and the woman's name on his right arm.

December 8th City of Menasha
A woman on First Street reported that her ex-husband sent their daughter to school in clothes she claimed were too small.

December 11th City of Neenah
A woman on Roosevelt Street requested police assistance after her sister and her sister's friend got into an argument while sending text messages from each other's cell phones. Her sister threw her friend's cell phone on the floor, and the friend slapped her sister in the face.

December 27th City of Menomonie
A 55-year-old Eau Claire woman was sentenced to 15 days in jail and a year of probation for stealing a ring off the dead body of a woman in a casket during the visitation portion of her funeral.

December 28th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman reported hearing a baby crying for about over five minutes. A responding officer found the sound was actually just two large cats fighting.

December 28th Wood County
A man told police he ordered a laptop computer online and received a board in a box.

December 28th City of Sheboygan
Police responding to a report of a man spray painting graffiti on several buildings, found a 22-year-old man with a can of spray paint in his pocket and red paint on his skin and clothes. When asked if he had sprayed buildings, the man initially said “maybe” before confessing that he sprayed the buildings because he was bored and there is nothing else to do in Sheboygan.

December 24th Town of Taycheedah
A Fond du Lac County sheriff's officer following up on a report something in the roadway blocking both lanes of County WH reported finding large pieces of cardboard and a dead cat sitting on a patio chair in the middle of the road.