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may 21st
Small Town Crime Wave 5.21.12
April 25th Village of Sauk City
A resident called 911 threatening suicide. However, when an  officer made contact with the woman she told him she couldn’t remember why she called 911 and said she was mad that her apartment was messy. She also asked the officer to get her a can of Pepsi from the fridge.

May 10th City of St. Francis
A 23 year old man was arrested trying to shoplift a tube Man-Delay Maximum Strength Climax Control Male Desensitizing Gel from Pick N Save. The man, who was shopping with his girlfriend at the time, tried to conceal the theft from her.

May 9th City of Germantown
Police were called to assist with a disorderly student and parent at Kennedy Middle School. Upon officers’ arrival it was determined that neither the student nor his mother was being disorderly; the mother just did not agree with the three-day, out-of-school suspension her son received for spraying “fart” spray inside the school.

May 4th City of Neenah
A complainant o Professional Plaza reported that a resident was smoking marijuana in an apartment. Police responded but only smelled an air freshener.

May 12th City of Portage
An Armstrong Street caller contacted police to report someone entered their residence and stole their lizards.

May 6th City of Glendale
A 20-year-old man was arrested for stealing three items valued at $308 from Kohl’s. The man allegedly hid three shirts in his jeans. That man told police he needed a new shirt for “a special occasion” and couldn’t decide which of three he liked best so he stole all three.

May 4th City of Cudahy
A 22-year-old woman was arrested for disorderly conduct after she confronted a she claims was talking poorly about her. During the incident, the woman, who was armed with a can opener, got into a physical fight with another woman, who is nine-months pregnant.

May 14th Village of Aniwa
Police were called to West Lake Street where a man was reportedly acting like he was going to attack his neighbor who as mowing his own lawn. The police dispatcher indicated to officers that the neighbor made like he was going to kick the lawn mowers ass twice. The lawn mower told police he had about 20 minutes before he was finished and the neighbor was now just staring at him.

May 16th City of Shawano
Officers responded to an Acorn Street residence where a neighbor boy reportedly hurled a cement block at another boy. The dispatcher noted that the block thrower "swears all the time and uses the F-word and is evil."

May 16th City of Portage
Police on Brady Street discovered someone used spray paint to write “butt head” on the road.

April 8th Village of Sauk City
Police responded to a panicked 911 call in which a female voice screamed for an ambulance over loud music in the background. When police arrived they found a drunk man passed out on a bar stool inside the bar. A nearly equally intoxicated nursing student said she couldn’t find a pulse on him and didn’t think he was breathing, so she called 911. The man was breathing and was awakened. He did not want assistance.

May 15th Town of Russell
A man called the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department to report someone broke into his garage and stole a 50 pound bag of sunflower seeds. An investigation by Sheriff’s Deputies revealed that the culprit was a bear who dragged the bag of seeds into nearby woods. The bear remains at large.

May 17th Village of Nekoosa
An officer responded to a report of a vehicle swerving all over the road. The officer discovered the driver was not drunk but rather was just unfamiliar with the area.

May 2nd City of Oak Creek
A caller told police that he and a friend were talking in a parked car when a tall, muscular man dressed in a black robe and wearing a white “Scream” mask walked out of the fog and up to his car, stood outside it for a moment, slowly backed away, then turned, crouched behind some bushes for a moment and eventually walked away. The caller told police he was unsure if it was a prank and did not know who would want to prank him.

April 29th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A Grove Avenue woman reported seven children trying to push over a portable bathroom.

May 4th City of Waukesha
A woman called police to report her 17-year-old son threw a pillow at her, almost breaking her nose.