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oct 23rd
10 Reason's for a 4th Presidential Debate
One pundit last night was saying that we need another Presidential debate. Yeah, like Illinois needs another a-hole!

But then I thought, maybe he’s right here’s the top 10…


10. The two hours the debates are on is the only time there isn’t a frickin’ singing competition on TV.

9. At least they’re slightly less painful than watching the Bears win.

8. There are probably still a couple more elderly news men who still haven’t moderated one.

7. I can bake frozen pizzas by just setting them in front of my TV and letting the residual heat from the candidates’ intense burning hatred for each other do the job.

6. One more debate might just be enough for me to finally make a decision… to take my own life.

5. Without debates to mock, Saturday Night Live more likely to do more of those pointless “What’s up with that?” sketches.

4. My neighbors will be lost without the rhythmic sound of me banging my head against the wall that lulls them to sleep at night.

3. The debates are best forum we have for bucking up the nation’s floundering bunting and podium industries.

2. Without the debates, we’d have to watch a Jermichael Finley highlight reel to see someone drop the ball as much these guys.

1. The time the debates are on are the only two hours all week I can turn on the TV without being bombarded with Obama and Romney ads.