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jan 25th
Weenie of the Week 1-25-2013
     We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Weenies of the Cristi Sturgis and Stacy Gengler, two 35-year-old women who, following an argument inside Hank’s Bar in Menasha back in November, reportedly stole a 175-pound buck with a 19 1/2-inch spread out of a man’s pick-up truck. Sturgis and Gengler allegedly got into their car and tried to run over the 8-pointer to break off its antlers but the deer got caught underneath the car, half the rack broke and they drove down the road dragging it until they realized something wasn’t right. They eventually dragged the deer all the way to Jefferson Park in Menasha and with the help of a friend tossed the deer in Lake Winnebago. The deer just recently washed up, and last week the antlers were returned to their rightful owner. 


For being responsible for the biggest waste of good meat since the time Tommy Lee briefly became celibate.

For apparently not understanding what every good plastic surgeon knows…you don’t mess with a nice rack.

And for doing what may very well be the dumbest thing EVER done in Menasha which is an accomplishment akin to doing the most underhanded thing ever done in Washington, the most sleazy thing ever done in Vegas or the most pathetic thing ever done on Soldier Field.

We are proud to name Cristi Sturgis and Stacy Gengler of Menasha as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIES OF THE WEEK!