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apr 8th

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…a 26-year-old Brownsville man who was cited for disorderly conduct early Sunday morning after attempting to sit in an occupied City of Fond du Lac squad car. According to the report, the man walked up to the passenger side of the squad car and pulled on the door handle several times. After failing to open the door, the man allegedly walked to the driver’s side where an officer was sitting and started pulling on that door handle. After failing to open the squad car’s doors a second time the man gave up and walked away. Officers reportedly followed the man and he was issued a citation. The man told officers he just wanted to sit in a police car.


For wanting so badly to sit in a police car but apparently lacking the balls to commit a crime serious enough to make that happen.

For failing to realize one dream by not actually getting to sit in a police car, while fulfilling another dream…assuming he dreamed to getting cited for one of the lamest crimes in the history of Fond du Lac County. (What was the charge? Attempted relaxation?)

And for attempting to enter a parked police car where he could very well have damaged delicate police equipment and, even more likely, awakened on duty police officer!

We are proud to name that 26-year-old Brownsville man as this week’s Rick and Len Show….WEENIE OF THE WEEK!