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apr 22nd

April 11 City of Waukesha
A resident called police to report someone was feeding waterfowl in front of a sign with a posted warning that read "Do not feed the waterfowl." Police investigated and found there was no law against feeding the waterfowl in the area where the "Do not feed the waterfowl" sign was posted.

April 14 City of Oshkosh
Police arrested a visibly intoxicated 34-year-old woman who struck three vehicles while pulling her car into the driveway. What's more, the driveway she pulled into was the wrong one.

April 2 City of Neenah
An employer on Lyon Drive called police to report that someone made calls to their business seeking information about one of their employees. When the information was not given out, the caller called back...hundreds of times!

April 6 City of Neenah
A 43-year-old woman reported that her boyfriend's niece had stolen money from her purse. An officer contacted to girl and her mother. The nine-year-old girl told police her mother told her if she found any money at her uncle's home she could take it. The mother admitted she told her daughter she could take any loose change she found.

April 18 City of Wisconsin Rapids
A McDonald's employee called police to report three males mooned her at the drive-through window.

April 18 City of Wisconsin Rapids
Police received a call from a man who asked to speak to an officer regarding his dreams.

April 17 City of Wisconsin Rapids
A caller reported her neighbors kittens were having sex in our yard.

April 14 City of Wisconsin Rapids
Police received a report of a man in a parked van waving his arms around.

April 10 City of Waupun
A woman on E. Main St. called police to report that the tenant in the upper unit is angry and calling her name is through the floor.

April 14 Village of Wittenberg
A Robin Road resident called police to report they were concerned that someone might be living in their garage. They told police that they thought this might be the case because their grandson had found a pile of poop by the door.

April 7 City of Germantown
Police responded to a residence after receiving a report of an unknown male yelling and causing a disturbance. Officers located the male subject and found he was having a loud conversation with himself while listening to the metal band Machine Head on his headphones. He was advised about yelling along with his music.

April 13 City of Germantown
Police responded to anonymous report of a man riding a horse and screaming a woman's name. When officers arrived on the scene, they discovered a man was using his horse to propose to his girlfriend. According to police, the girlfriend said, "yes ".