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jun 3rd

May 26th City of Shawano
A homeowner on West Curt Black Road called police to report someone had stolen her asparagus. The caller told police they had noticed the driver of a silver Dodge pickup truck checking out their property a few days earlier. The caller speculated that the pickup driver might be the asparagus thief.

May 22nd City of Mequon
A 76 year-old man and a 73-old woman were cited for disorderly conduct at an apartment complex. The woman told police the man pushed and grabbed her after she told him he needed to take a bath and cut his dog’s toenails.

May 29th City of Fond du Lac
A woman filling a bathtub In her apartment for her six-year-old child heard neighborhood kids shouting obscenities. The woman told her six-year-old to turn off the water in the tub while she went outside to talk to the parents of the children who were shouting obscenities. The child forgot to turn off the water in the tub and it overflowed. When the woman saw the apartment complex maintenance man, she asked him to come in and help her clean up the mess. When the man refused because he was off duty, the woman began shouting obscenities at h in the middle of the parking lot. The maintenance man called police and the woman was cited for shouting obscenities.

May 25th City of Hales Corners
An officer who stopped to assist the driver of what appeared to be a disabled vehicle. However, the officer discovered the vehicle was not disabled, but rather, that the driver had stopped her car because she was deathly afraid of spiders and believed one was crawling on her hand. The officer assisted the driver by checking for spiders in the vehicle and she was sent on her way.

May 18th City of Oak Creek
Officers responded to Mainstay Suites after the front desk clerk reported there was a woman in the parking lot who was too drunk to walk. While officers were en route to the hotel, the clerk called back and stated that a man just wheeled the woman through the lobby on a luggage cart and went into the elevator. An officer spoke to the man, who stated the woman was too heavy to lift without assistance, so he used a luggage trolley to take her back to the room. The man also told police he had taken the woman to senior prom in 1964 and was reuniting with her for the weekend.

May5th City of Waukesha
A caller reported that his neighbor went into the woods, picked up the caller's dog's feces and placed it on his doorstep with a note stating “clean up after your dog.” Police advised the caller to clean up after his dog, and the neighbor to avoid leaving profane notes regarding dog feces.

May 30th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A 15th Ave. north resident called police to report their neighbor's garbage was beeping. Responding officers found a smoke alarm disposed of in the garbage can.

May 30th City of Wisconsin Rapids
Police responded to a report of an elderly drunk woman sitting on a bench and yelling at passersby.

May 24th  Portage County
An employee of Skis Meat Market in Custer called police to report having caught a 33-year-old culprit in the act of trying to make off with cheesy popcorn and a beef stick.

May 29th City of Wisconsin Rapids
The 21st Avenue South resident called police to report that woman came to her house and asked for a cup of sugar.

May 29th Village of Rudolph
A woman called police to report that her neighbor was opening a sewer cover and kept sneaking over and cutting her grass.

May 27th City of Wisconsin Rapids
Police received a call from a man reporting that his brother's girlfriend was yelling at him.

May 28th City of Waupun
Police received a report of about 10 kids lingering around vehicles. Police found the kids were putting Post-It notes on friend's cars. Police instructed the kids to return to the cars and remove the Post-It notes.

May 25th City of Waupun
A woman called police to report that a cat had wandered into a bar. Police told the woman they don't pick up cats and advised her to shoo the cat out the door.

May 30th City of Horicon
Police ticketed an ambulance driver after he move the barricades and entered the closed East Lake Street bridge. The driver told police he moved the barricades because he was on his way to pick up a patient at the hospital and his boss was angry that it was taking so long.