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jul 8th

June 29th City of Waupun
A woman on Cochran Street called police to report seeing a man sitting on a curb and...doing nothing. Investigating officers found the man was just delivering newspapers when he ran out and was now waiting for someone to bring him more. After officers departed the scene, the man resumed...doing nothing.

July 3rd Village of Eland
A woman called police to report that her stepdaughter is causing a disturbance. The caller told police the  angry stepdaughter was standing in the driveway where she was loudly swearing because someone left a cake in the refrigerator. The same caller also indicated that her son had thrown sand in a pitcher of beer at a baseball game.

June 3rd City of Chilton
An employee of a convenience store on  East Chestnut Street called police to report a man stole one can of beer from the cooler. The culprit was apparently wearing latex gloves so as not to leave any fingerprints.

June 7th Village of Harrison
Police received a report of a suspicious person selling children's books door-to-door on Sweet William Drive. The caller told police the man's eye contact and body language made them very uncomfortable. The man also had a very well-drawn map which the caller seemed to think was very strange

June 30th Town of Beaver Dam
A 57-year-old woman called police to report that a 60-year-old man was threatening to toss her bricks into a field. Contact was made with both parties and the man was warned about his behavior.

July 2nd City of Shawano
Police received a report of a bunch of people on Butternut Road "all driving like a-holes".

June 29th City of Portage
Police received a report of a man who took a sub sandwich in the bathroom of a business and then attempt to leave with it in his pants. Investigating officers found two empty mayonnaise packets on the bathroom floor.

June 23rd City of Glendale
Police and firefighters responded to a fire alarm at an apartment building. A 61-year-oldwoman told police she pulled the alarm because she was locked out of her apartment. When told that wasn’t what the fire alarm was for and she would be cited, she said she wasn’t worried because what else was she supposed to do.

June 30th City of Germantown
A woman called police to report two people “engaged in a sexual act” on the soccer field.

June 8th City of Oak Creek
Someone stole seven ceramic dwarfs, valued at $100, from a yard leaving behind a ceramic Snow White.

July 1st City of Waukesha
A man was taken into custody for disorderly conduct after threatening an employee at a pizza place. The employee told police the man told her, “Once I get down there, you will not be able to walk out the door".  The caller was reportedly angry with her because she could not hear him over the phone and asked him to repeat himself.

July 5th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A man called police to report he found a loaded clip to a gun behind a washing machine. Responding officers identified the loaded gun clip as actually being a cigarette lighter.