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mar 10th

March 5th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A resident called police to report seeing “a man in a scary clown mask”.

February 7th Town of Jackson
Officers were dispatched to investigate a Jeep that was driving into a 7 foot snow pile. They found said snow pile but the Jeep was no longer driving into it, having become stuck on top of it.  When an officer asked the 20-year-old driver why he drove his Jeep on to the snow pile, the man responded, “Because it’s a Jeep”.

March 7th City of Marshfield
Police responded to a report of a suspicious customer at a convenience store. A female employee reported an unknown man in his early 20s came into the store to purchase alcohol and asked the employee to come into the bathroom with him.

March 6th Town of Grand Rapids
A woman called police and reported an unknown man left Valentine’s Day candy at her door.

March 1st Town of Grand Rapids
A woman reported to police that people came into her house and sat on her sofa and wouldn’t leave.

February 25th City of Brookfield
Police responded to a report of a woman who chained a suitcase to a pole in front of Barnes & Noble. She told security personnel there were no bombs in it, went in the mall, then returned to unchain it and walked away. When police caught up with the woman, she told them she just didn’t want to bring her suitcase into the mall.

February 25th City of Brookfield
Police were called to a home where a man locked his girlfriend and their baby out of their home because when she went to the store she bought him soda instead of cigarettes.

February 23rd City of Waukesha
A woman called police to report that her mother took her sweaters and some dresses from her apartment because she thought the outfits were “too sexy” for her to be wearing.

March 5th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A man called police and reported four teenagers standing in a doorway and swearing at people.