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may 5th

April 20th Village of Jackson
A 40-year-old woman reported that she was sitting on the couch while her boyfriend was kneeling on the ground in front of her. She told him that she couldn’t trust him anymore and challenged him to log into his account to prove that he wasn’t actively searching for other women. He replied that he couldn’t remember his password, got upset, and made an obscene gesture. The man god police that when he made the obscene gesture, the woman grabbed his middle finger and bent it back, causing him pain.

May 1st Village of Bowler
Police responded to a report of a man firing a pellet gun with "his butt hanging out".

April 29th City of Shawano
Police received a call from a man parked in the Shawano Medical Center a lot. The man told police that when he returned to his parked truck he found it was covered in bodily fluids. The police report confirmed that the vehicle was in fact "covered in feces and loogies".

May 2nd City of Wisconsin Rapids
A man called police and reported that were young children hiding somewhere in his house. When police arrived they were unable to find any small children in the home.

April 19th Village of Jackson
An officer stopped a vehicle after a routine computer inquiry indicated that the registered owner was never issued a driver’s license. The 20-year-old woman provided a driver’s license with a photograph and physical description that didn’t match her. While in the back of the squad car, the woman became agitated, started yelling that “This is bull!" and, “You have nothing better to do?”, which police indicate is a common accusation made by people caught doing something stupid.

April 20th Village of Jackson
Officers were dispatched to a Chestnut Court apartment where a mother reported that her sons, ages 14 and 17, had been disrespectful and one knocked over a coffee table in an effort to get out of attending Easter church services.

April 22nd City of Waukesha
A man called police to report finding two packs of Sweet Tarts on his front porch. The man told police he can’t imagine anyone he knows leaving the Sweet Tarts on his porch.

April 22nd City of Greenfield
A woman called police after a driver backed up and almost struck her vehicle in order to get a parking space at Old Country Buffet. The caller stated she honked her horn at the other driver, who then “flipped her off” and told her, “Why don’t you die.” The caller then became frustrated and made sarcastic comments to the other driver. The responding officer could not locate the driver in question, but the caller was advised about exchanging hostilities with other drivers over a parking space.