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dec 4th
Naughty, Nice or Pushy? Kids and Their Christmas Lists
I remember when I was a kid during the holidays and the glorious day when the Sears and J.C. Penney "Wish Books" would arrive - busting the chestnuts of the poor S.O.B. mail carrier en route.
Contained within these impressive, glossy tomes were the hopes and dreams of everything I held dear - most of which, in my case, were licensed to George Lucas, the NFL and Mattel.
I would painstakingly go through all 500 pages or so - just in case they put a 'Jawa Droid Carrier' in some section other than "Toys".  To the clinical eye this may have been an early warning to the singular (obsessive) focus that  I seem to carry with me now as an adult - but as a kid I just wanted to be thorough - I felt I at least owed that to Santa for the bounty he was about to bestow upon me in less than a month's time.
I would come up with a good list of 50 or so items of which I coveted. Realistically knowing from past experiences (and disappointments) only a few would be lucky enough to make it under the family Christmas tree on the morning of December 25th.
So I found this article to be very funny on the modern day child's Christmas list - that was received by one of the writers of the sports website Deadspin from his daughter - and his very honest, annotated reaction to by him to each and every insane gift on the list.
Still Waiting on that "Ghost Gun" Mom....