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sep 23rd
Which Body Part Doesn\'t Hurt?
My big toe. That\'s about it. I met with Anytime Fitness personal trainer, Sara last week and we created an exercise routine for me. Simple core-muscle targeting exercises for balance, posture, etc. but holy crap, was that hard! Sara walked me through the proper form, number of reps, weight to push/pull, etc. so I had a good handle on each movement and a solid routine to start with. I figure you gotta start somewhere and the only way I can go at this point is up. I was kinda freaked at how hard it was the first time and how sore I was, but I did another 3 sets and I did really well, not nearly as sore and definitely more confident about what I was doing. Plus, I\'m doing well with balancing my meals and reducing portions by having healthy snacks throughout the day, so I\'m not feeling hungry all the time or overeating. Right now, I am doing 1 day of all cardio and 2 days of floor exercises, weight training and a bit of cardio. I have to make sure I do this realistically and incorporate into my lifestyle and not go all gung ho and then eventually stop and gain it all back. Slow and steady wins the race:)