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apr 30th 2013
Song #1: Reo Speedwagon "Roll With the Changes" from You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish
Song #2: Steppenwolf  "Born to Be Wild"
Song #3: Collective Soul "Where the River Flows"
Answer: Stugeon Spawning Season has begun
on the Wolf River

Find out more here.
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apr 26th 2013
Song #1: TWISTED Sister - "I Wanna Rock"
Song #2: Firehouse - "Dont' TREAT Me Bad"
Song #3: Tesla - "Modern DAY Cowboy"
Answer: April 26th is National Pretzel Day

Pretzels date as far back as the sixth century, making it one of the world's oldest snacks!
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apr 25th 2013
Song #1: Van Halen "And the Cradle Will Rock " from Women and Children FIRST
Song #2: Ratt "Round and Round"
Song #3: Eagles "Heartache Tonight"
Answer: The First Round of the 2013 NFL Draft is tonight!

Curly's Pub in the Lambeau Field Atrium is throwing a draft party tonight  at 6pm with appearances by Pacxkers players Mason Crosby and Brad Jones and Coach McCarthy.

Click for more Packers news on the 2013 NFL Draft
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apr 22nd 2013
Song #1: Ozzy - "You Can't Kill Rock & Roll"
Song #2: Black Crowes: "Hard to Handle"
Song #3: Van Halen - "Tattoo" from A Different Kind of Truth

Answer: "You Can't Handle The Truth" movie quote from A Few Good Men, starring Jack Nicholson, who celebrates his 76th birthday today!
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apr 18th 2013
Song #1: .38 Special - Caught Up in You
Song #2:  Def Leppard - Rock Rock (Til You Drop)
Song #3:  Accept - Balls to the Wall
Answer: Packers tight end Jermichael Finley pledges to donate $500 to every time he catches a touchdown pass OR drops a pass!

See his tweet and read more here.

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apr 17th 2013
Song #1: Sweet "Ballroom Blitz"
Song #2: Caroline's Spin: "Sullivan"
Song #3: Ace Frehley "New York Groove"
    Answer: The NY Yankees played "Sweet Caroline" (a Boston Red Sox tradition) during last night's game to honor Boston Marathon bombing victims.

Read more about the story here.

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apr 16th 2013
Song #1: Stealer's Wheel "Stuck in the Middle with You"
Song #2: Head East "Since You've Been Gone"
Song #3: Eddie Money "Shakin"
    Answer: Middle East Earthquake that hit the Iran/Paskistan border this morning.

Read more on this story here.
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apr 12th 2013
Song #1: Rolling Stones - Start Me Up
Song #2: Tom Petty - American Girl
Song #3: Guns 'n Roses - Civil War

    Answer: 152nd Anniversary of the Start of the American Civil War
It was 152 years ago today, in the early morning of April 12, 1861, that the American Civil War officially began. This skirmish at   Charleston’s Fort Sumter, then one of only two forts in the   Southern states that had seceded still under federal jurisdiction, was brief and ended on April 14 with the an evacuation of federal troops and rebel Confederate victory. The photograph shows Fort Sumter on April 14, 1861, flying the Confederate flag.

Click here to read more about the Battle of Fort Sumter and the start of the American Civil War.

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apr 11th 2013

What's your first 8-track memory?
I remember having my parent's huge console stereo w/ record player, radio and 8-track in my room as a child and the first eight track I every played was the "Jaws" movie score, I think followed by some B.T.O.

My Three Songs:
Styx: Renegade from "Peices of EIGHT"
Southern Culture on the Skids: Camel Walk from "Dirt TRACK Date"
Joe Walsh: Rocky Mountain Way from "The Smoker You Drink, the PLAYER You Get"

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