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dec 15th
Hot Chick of the Week: My Top Ten
My birthday is tomorrow, so for today\'s Hot Chick of the Week, I\'m listing my Top Ten hotties.  Now you know what to get me for my birthday (or Christmas).

#1 - Olivia Wilde

I first noticed Olivia Wilde when she joined the cast of House as "Thirteen," a character who\'s smart, sexy, and bisexual.  And sick, too, which sucks because that\'s meant less screen time this season.  Thankfully Olivia herself is healthy and sexy and starring in Tron: Legacy (out this weekend in tight black leather / spandex / glowing parts) as well as the upcoming Cowboys vs. Aliens (which sounds awesome enough by title, but has Olivia Wilde, so it\'ll be even better).

#2 - Keira Knightley

Whether she\'s playing soccer in Bend it Like Beckham, swashbuckling in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, stripping in Domino, or just looking beautiful in Love Actually, I can\'t take my eyes off of Keira Knightley.  I even watched Pride & Prejudice because she starred in it. 

#3 - Natalie Portman
Yes, Natalie Portman looks a bit like Keira Knightley.  Keira even played Natalie\'s double in that first shitty Star Wars prequel - a fact I won\'t hold against either actress.  Portman\'s had the better acting roles, seems very smart, and is somehow more approachable.  Plus, she has a full on love scene with Mila Kunis in her new movie Black Swan.  Between Tron with Olivia Wilde and Black Swan with this, it\'s like Hollywood just wants to keep me happy this month.
It\'s a Christmas miracle!
#4 - Alessandra Ambrosio

How exactly does one choose which Victoria\'s Secret model to put on this list?  A recent second viewing of this year\'s Victoria\'s Secret Fashion Show just made the choice more difficult.  I\'m not sure how I narrowed it down, but I\'m pleased with my choice.

#5 - Katy Perry

 I used to just think that Katy Perry was just another vapid pop singer who look like a slutty, kissing-girls-and-liking-it version of Zooey Deschanel.  That hasn\'t really changed, but the constant bombardment by Katy Perry\'s boobs on MTV, SNL, unaired Sesame Street video, and the aforementioned Victoria\'s Secret Fashion Show have made me re-prioritize. C\'mon, she did an album cover where she\'s got nothing on except a little bit of cotton candy covering her ass!

#6 - Alison Brie
Yes, she\'s annoying as all hell when she\'s playing Trudy, the whiny wife of Pete Campbell on Mad Men.  But that character is supposed to be annoying.  However as Annie on Community, she\'s adorable.

#7 - Gwen Stefani

Unfortunately, Gwen continues to stay married to Gavin Rossdale.  Plus they named their kids Kingston and Zuma, so she loses points for that too.  But still... hot.

#8 - Giada DeLaurentiis
When someone like Anthony Bourdain talks about "food porn," I think he\'s just talking about really amazing delicious meals.  That term gets a new meaning when watching "Everyday Italian" with Giada DeLaurentiis on Food Network.  They might as well call it "Cooking with Cleavage."  If you ever end up with a woman that looks that good AND can cook that well... she\'s a keeper.

#9 - Leighton Meester
I\'ve never seen an episode of Gossip Girl.  Until I started putting this list together, I wasn\'t even 100% sure whether Leighton Meester was on Gossip Girl or if it was The OC or maybe One Tree Hill.  Is that even a show?  I don\'t know.  But what I do know is that every time I see Leighton Meester, it makes me want to buy all the DVD\'s of whatever show she\'s on and watch a marathon.  Almost.  I don\'t actually do it, because I\'m sure that there are probably a bunch of other characters and story lines I wouldn\'t care about.  But as soon as there\'s just a show where Leighton Meester is on camera looking sexy (preferably in slow motion) for a whole hour, I\'ll watch it.

#10 - Penelope Cruz
She\'s gorgeous.  She\'s Spanish.  She\'s got that adorable accent.  What\'s not to love about Penelope Cruz?