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dec 3rd
Happy Birthday Hello Kitty
OK, so today isn\'t technically the birthday of Hello Kitty (officially listed as 11/1/74), but this year is the 50th birthday of Sanrio, the company that makes Hello Kitty.

In case you\'re somehow unfamiliar, Hello Kitty is a cute Japanese cat cartoon character with an unsmiling face and bow on its head.  It has been put on every product imaginable, from dolls and stickers to school supplies and home appliances. 

I even know a girl who owns a Hello Kitty bong, although there\'s something disturbing about taking a bong hit through a plastic cat\'s skull.  Unless you\'re stoned, then it\'s hilarious.
Pictured: the perversion of your childhood.
For more on Hello Kitty, check out this article from NPR.