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aug 21st
Rainbows? Must be a Government Conspiracy...
OK, so maybe I paid more attention in science class than some people. And I used to watch "3-2-1 Contact" on PBS as a kid, which taught me some stuff. But I\'m pretty sure rainbows are caused when water droplets (rain, mist, water from a hose or sprinkler) refract sunlight, causing a prism effect.

I also vividly recall being able to create a small rainbow effect with the spray from our garden hose when I was a kid in the early 80\'s. And as far as I know, my parents weren\'t dosing me with LSD at the time.

Of course, this lady thinks that rainbows like that didn\'t exist 20 years ago. So obviously it must be a government conspiracy to put some goofy chemicals in our water, and stuff that\'s oozing up through our ground. Now that\'s a special kind of crazy.

And by the way, if you\'re dumb enough to start buying into her nutbag theories... here\'s how rainbows actually work: