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may 22nd
Harley-Davidson Jumpstart - John Jordan
I had a very cool experience recently at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee.                 
As a member of the media I was invited to be one of the first people of the season
to ride the JUMPSTART. It's a fully-operational, full-size Harley-Davidson motorcycle
that has its front wheel secured as the back wheel rests on a tumbler that allows the
rider (or novice rider in my case) the chance to really FEEL what it's like to ride a Harley-Davidson.
I've always heard from Harley riders that it's an experience like nothing else you've ever done. 
They were absolutely right on!
Check Out the video of my experience on the JUMPSTART

From the moment you turn the key, crack the throttle and hear that unmistakable
Harley 'potato' sound, you begin to feel different as if something has taken over,
crawled inside and rearranged your DNA. I felt more muscular, taller - more 'manly'.
I may have grown a beard while on the JUMPSTART also - not positive about that though.
A feeling of freedom took over -as if I suddenly didn't have a care in the world- raced up
my spine to my brain and out my fingers as I squeezed off another gear.
Put it this way... if the cycle suddenly jumped off its moorings and onto the highway...
I'd really have to think twice about bringing it back.
It's the coolest you can feel with no equipment required - except the ear-to-ear grin on my face.
No knowledge or previous motorcycle experience is necessary to ride the Jumpstart
and the motorcycle will not tip over. Trust me there - because I would've done it.
All you need is the desire to ride a Harley-Davidson - and, honestly, who doesn't have that.
A BIG Thank You to the Harley-Davidson Museum for a truly revolutionary experience
I'm still buzzing about.
- J.J.

If you want to ride the Harley-Davidson JUMPSTART - here's the link FEEL THE  RUMBLE

As if that wasn't enough incentive, Harley is offering a Buy One, Get One offer for
Milwaukee Brewers tickets when you try out the JUMPSTART. Brewer Ticket Offer

Legendary Exhibits, Great Food and Free Parking - Only at the Harley-Davidson Museum
in Milwaukee.