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nov 26th 2012
There are few things I think set a bike apart like some great pipes.  Aside from making your presence known on the road, they can change a stock bike into something really personal.  Of course our friends at Stocks Harley Davidson can show you a ton of different looks, but if you're interested in learning a little before you talk to them, I thought this link was really helpful

Personally, I like long pipes that push off the end of the bike if you're just looking to kill time by looking at pipes you I tend to look at the Vance and Hines site.  Here is the link for the Harley pipes, and they've also got some videos like the one below.

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nov 4th 2012
I was just looking through videos of motorcycle riding (it's cold out, I'm going through withdrawals) and found this.  I would never wish ill for any other motorcycle rider, but I've got a lot of dislike for riders who don't respect the road around them.  So, all I'll say is this guy sucks..

If you're still tough enough to be riding, ride safe!
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oct 24th 2012
I couldn't help but share this.  Anybody else have an issue with the spouse and not understanding the need for a motorcycle?

Don't forget this Saturday the 27th will be the Stocks Halloween Party!  The information is available on their website.
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oct 5th 2012
Well it's coming to the worst part of the year, it's getting cold.  Typically I shoot to ride into November as long as the roads are safe but cold spells like we're getting this weekend don't help that. 

If you're looking for some ideas on the essentials for a cold ride then here's a link that might give you some ideas or at the very least remind you what to look for in your garage.  Of course if you'd rather talk to somebody about it, our friends at Stock's HD have a full line of cold weather gear that will get you through the bad temperatures. 

Speaking of things at Stock's HD don't forget that Stocktoberfest is tomorrow!  There's still a $1,000 prize to be won by a lucky female rider so don't forget to head out there from 12-4!  You can get more info on their facebook page.
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sep 26th 2012
Now guys, put your hands down.  We are so excited to be extending this offer to our WAPL listeners but Stocks Harley Davidson in Manitowoc is only interested in the ladies for their open position of Ms. Stock’s HD!  The requirements are a lady who loves motorcycles, isn’t shy, over 21 yrs old, and would like a $1000. 

Tana at Stock’s HD described the position as something not at all sleezy, you just get to be a part of the fun at dealership events for free.  Plus your $1000!

If you’re interested in participating email Tana at or you can fill out our biker blog form.

Hope everyone enjoyed a therapeutic ride after Monday night!  Ride safe!
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sep 16th 2012
It’s September and that means the best time to ride is here.  The leaves are starting to turn colors and Wisconsin is one of the best places to ride and check them out.  Here’s a great link if you’re looking for roads to travel on.

Also, the Stock’s Ride to Remember is still going on.  Here’s a picture from John who’s working on his poker hand and helping the Wisconsin Paralyzed Veterans of America.  There’s still time to join, check out the details at

Looking at the leaves is great but keep your eyes on the road this fall and ride safe!
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sep 7th 2012

I know, it’s really the 110th anniversary this year for Harley Davidson but it’s the 100th anniversary of a very important feature, the full floating saddle.  For the first ten years Harley’s were being made the seat was mounted directly to the frame and I can’t imagine that helped population growth amongst motorcycle riders if you know what I’m getting at.  From this point on it would be another 45 years before HD began to address the rear suspension.  The good news is they kept making the engines bigger and more powerful, so it seems like their priorities were straight.  Here’s one of those bikes, single cam engine with a top speed around 50 mph.

Enough history lessons though, if you’re looking for a place to ride this weekend we’ve got another good one with our friends at Stock’s HD.  This Saturday is the Hogs and Dogs ride.  It’s a $10 donation that goes to the Animal Benefit Society and gets you a chance at winning some prizes from Stock’s!  Registration starts at 9:30am and the ride is at 10.  More details can be found here (warning: cute dog photo that will make you feel guilty if you don’t go to the ride!).

Thanks for checking out the blog and ride safe!
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aug 31st 2012
Tomorrow starts my favorite month to ride!  The weather gets a little cooler and more importantly the leaves start changing colors.  Of course with how crazy the weather has been this year who knows when that's happening.

Anyway, if you're looking to attach a good cause to all riding this month please jump in and join our partners Ride to Remember at Stock's Harley Davidson.  It's a Poker Run style ride with 10 stops and the best three hands win gift certificates to Stock's, but most importanly your $40 benefits the Wisconsin Paralyzed Veterans of America.  You can get the rest of the details here or stop in at Stock's starting September 1st. 

Lastly, if you're looking to see what new bikes are available Stock's has the 2013 Softail Slim, Street Glide, Ultra Classic, and Limited's.  You can see the pictures here on their site.

Safe riding and enjoy the long weekend!
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aug 23rd 2012
The new Harley's are in and this year the fuss is all about...the paint.  If you haven't seen the Hard Candy Custom yet check out the official Harley video.  The colors are great and bold, a real transition from all the blacked out looks we've seen from Harley the last couple years.

A little bit of a bummer this year is the lack of new releases.  As a big Softail fan I was really hoping to see a Springer come back this year but no luck this time, I'll keep my fingers crossed on a mid year release.

The best addition this year though is that the Street Bob has been added to the factory custom line like the Sportsters.  If you've never done it check it out here.

I know our partner in Manitowoc, Stocks Harley Davidson, has some 2013's in.  As soon as I get a full list I'll post again, until then just go check them out and let the real experts tell you what you need to know.  Looking at all the new bikes is like Christmas in August.

Until next time, ride safe!
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aug 16th 2012
Hey all, we've got some more pictures to share on this weeks blog.  These came from Stock's Harley Davidson in Manitowoc where a customer showed off a 1917 Indian Motorcycle.  Check out these pictures...

It's kind of a rare time period to see standard Indian motorcycles from as much of their product in 1917 was going to assist America's efforts in World War 1.  Also, in looking up the history of Indian I found it interesting that for a period starting in 1923 they dropped the "r" and became Indian Motocycle.  All kinds of info like that can be found on this official Indian timeline.

Also, a quick check with Wausau says there's still some room available for the state H.O.G. rally that started today.  If you're going please take some pictures for the site and send them in here.  Enjoy your weekend and ride safe everyone!
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aug 7th 2012
Here is another listener photo, this time from Scott S. on his trip out to Colorado.  It's a shot of him and his Fat Boy at Ute Pass in Colorado. 

Gorgeous shot, thanks Scott!

Also, as any good rider would know it's Sturgis week!  If you're heading that way please snap some shots for us we'll put them right in the blog.  We've also got Len Nelson heading to Sturgis so we'll keeping track of his photos in the gallery section of  If you're going that way or just like to know what everyone is doing in Sturgis here is a list of events.

If Sturgis is out of reach I hope you're at least making plans for Wausau the week after to be at the 2012 Wisconsin H.O.G. Rally.  For all the details and tips on planning your ride visit the site here.

No matter where you're going we love the listener pictures, so please keep sending them here.  Enjoy the weather and ride safe!
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aug 2nd 2012
It's time for the 13th Annual Pickerfest Ride, this August 4th.  If you aren't aware of what the Pickerfest ride is then I'm happy to fill you in because it's that good of a cause.  This benefit ride costs $15/person and the money goes to the St. Vincent Hospital 10th floor and Parents of Children with Cancer.  The 10th floor at St. Vincent's is The Child Life floor where they work with families and sick children to handle the stress of needing treatment.  If you'd like to see how it works check out the video below. 

The details of the ride are as follows...
Registration is at Stock's Harley Davidson starting at 11am.  It's a 100 mile ride and it's going to end at the Iron Buffalo Saloon and Bare Bones will be performing live.  If you're free this Saturday please join the ride and the party to help a great cause.
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jul 25th 2012
Here’s something a little different today.  Since the Harley 2013’s aren’t out yet, I thought we’d take a look at the 2013 Victory Judge.  If you’re interested in a really affordable cruiser this is a lot of bike for a good price.  It’s a shorter wheel base but there should be no comfort problems for a guy standing around 6’ tall or a even taller. The controls aren’t pushed to far forward so it’s manageable riding position. I’m also a big fan of the larger front tire, it makes a for a much smoother ride in my opinion and I prefer the look.  If you’re interested in reading even more on this bike here’s a link to a more in depth review.

Don’t forget, our sponsor, Stock’s HD, is having their Wine and Cheese garage party tomorrow night.  It’s going to be a perfect night for a ride so come on down!

We’ll get to another rider submitted pic in our next blog, if you’d like to have yours posted just send it through here.  Thanks for all that we have already!  Until next time ride safe!
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jul 19th 2012
This week we’re going to showcase our first listener bike.  It’s from Josh in Wausau and it’s from his trip out to the west coast.  Josh shares this story from his trip…

“This first picture is from my trip to the west coast. The trip spanned two weeks and included stops in Omaha, Denver, Boise, Seattle, LA, back to Denver (in one day), Omaha, and ended back in Milwaukee where I promptly got my first speeding ticket of the trip just 20 miles from home.”

Thanks for sending it in Josh.  If you’d like to share a picture of your bike with everyone on click here and fill out the form.

Also, a reminder that if you’re looking for an excuse to go for a ride and get it to count as a date, Stock’s Garage Party is next Thursday the 19th with Wine and Cheese.  Thanks for checking out the blog, until next time shiny side up.
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jul 11th 2012
Well I don’t know about anyone else, but this time of year I get really excited to see what Harley Davidson is going to come out with for their new 2013 models.  To cope with that excitement I’d like to look at a few of my favorite 2012 models.  This week I’ll start with one of the more entry level bikes from the Sportster family, the Seventy-Two. 

When I look at this bike I’m immediately drawn to the ape hanger handlebars and the peanut tank.  It’s an awesome retro look that makes me nostalgic for some of the older sportsters, but anybody who’s ridden one pre 2004 before the rubber mounted engines knows that feeling doesn’t last long.  Anyway, if you’re looking for an entry level bike with character this would definitely be my recommendation.  The 1200 cc engine is strong enough on the small bike to give some great torque and the wider seat still makes this bike comfortable for a longer ride.  The Sportster’s seem to be getting major overhauls ever year, anybody have any guesses on where the 2013’s might be headed?  Are you happy with the changes? 

Don’t forget, we’re going to start highlighting listener bikes starting next week.  If you haven’t gotten your picture in yet click here to submit it and tell us about your bike or a great ride.

Until next time, shiny side up!
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jul 3rd 2012
Happy early 4th of July all.

If you don't have any plans this Saturday I wanted to make sure everyone knew about The King Run coming up on July 7th.  The ride starts and finishes at Headliners Bar in Neenah, you can find all of the details here.

If you are taking your bike out to see some fireworks over the next couple days please let us know where or give us some pictures or your ride to share when we get back after the 4th!  You can share them with us by filling out the form here. 

If you know of any good places to ride and watch the fireworks please share them with everyone here.
Until next time, ride safe and shiny side up!

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jun 29th 2012
Welcome to's newest feature, the WAPL Biker Blog. 

We are excited to put together a forum for all of our motorcycle enthusiasts to hear what we're thinking about motorcycles and of course a place for all of our listeners to share their stories of the road.  Starting next week we'll be looking into how theHarley Davidson motorcycles of 2012 faired in preparation for the July release of the new 2013 bikes.

As part of our ongoing feature we'll be highlighting motorcycles from our listeners, so if you'd like to submit your bike to be featured on WAPL please click here.

I do want to extend a quick Thank You to Stock's Harley Davidson in Manitowoc for helping us out with this, their sponsorship and inside information will go a long way in helping make this a great spot to talk bikes.

Again, welcome to our blog and thanks for joining us.  Until next time, safe travels and shiny side up.
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