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feb 27th 2011

I love how the universe is always in balance.  Here in Punta Cana, there's a great mix of people from all over the world.  Americans, Canadians, Europeans.  There's plenty of European women here who don't mind having the girls out to get some fresh air, some sun, or whatever else.  However, there's plenty of European men who don't mind only having a 3-inch Speedo keeping you away from their business.  You take the good with the bad, it's all about balance. 

Shows start tomorrow.  Rick & Len from 7-9a, Rox & myself from 3-5p.  It will be epic. Talk to you then.

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feb 26th 2011
Made it to Punta Cana safely earlier this afternoon.  Beef Jerky seemed to be the snack of choice on the plane.  Added a nice layer to the usual airplane stench you feel.  Big props to the Catalonia Bavaro Resort.  It is pimp!  Here's some shots of my room.

Check out this tub

Shot of the main room

Hammock on the balcony.  Niiiice!

A welcome gift of a chocolate apple thing and a bottle of rum

Yeah, I can live here for the next week
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feb 26th 2011
Off on the International Incident to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic at the beautiful Catalonia Bavaro Resort.  Check out Rick & Len Monday morning from 7-9a, and then the Afternoon Road Show with Roxanne Steele and myself from 3-5p.  I'll be writing blogs, posting pictures here at and at the Borna WAPL Facebook page.

I leave pasty white, will come back pasty red.  Talk to you soon!
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feb 7th 2011
Joe Perry has broken his silence about not joining his Aerosmith bandmates during the Los Angeles writing sessions for their next album, which wrapped up last week. He writes on his Twitter page, "Let's get this straight. I am not leaving Aerosmith. I will be writing on the new CD. [I] just could not make the last eight day writing stint. We need all five members to write a real Aerosmith CD. We have plans to write in the spring for an extended time period." As for his relationship with Steven Tyler, he says, "Steven and I text all of the time. He's my brother in arms just like Brad [Whitford], Joey [Kramer] and Tom [Hamilton]. Everything else is a rumor."
Like Joe Perry and Joey Kramer, Steven Tyler now has a Twitter account. He also talks about the recent writing sessions, saying he wrote six songs, one of which is called "Oxygen," and that he is in "lyric hell." Tyler also says he found naked pictures of the band for his autobiography, Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?, which will be published on May 10th.  

--Courtesy of Sal Cirrincione
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feb 7th 2011
The match-making site "" asked nearly 32,000 of their members living in Pennsylvania or Wisconsin: "Which group of fans would you suppose have more sex? Steelers or Packers?" The results are lopsided: Packers fans have had more sexual partners. And they say they're getting busy at least 4 times a week. Looks like the Packers are winners on and off the field.

Also, according to the website Zoosk, 73% of the women surveyed said they'd rather watch the Super Bowl than have sex.

Courtesy of Mark Shipper
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