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mar 30th 2011

GENE SIMMONS has claimed to have slept with thousands of women, and now it appears he's enlisting your help in growing that number -- sort of. GRAPHIC ARMOR in association with KISS and CONDOMANIA are offering "KISS Kondoms," the world's first FDA-approved "Picture Condoms" featuring an image of SIMMONS' iconic fully extended tongue running down the length of the latex condom.
"Our decision to feature GENE SIMMONS, PAUL STANLEY and the KISS brand on these revolutionary condoms was a no-brainer considering GENE and PAUL's worldwide legacy as entertainment icons and pioneers," said GRAPHIC ARMOR CEO CHRIS PANUCCI.
KISS Kondoms will be touring store shelves worldwide starting in APRIL 2011. A second KISS Kondom, "Studded PAUL," featuring an image of PAUL STANLEY on textured latex, will be released by JUNE 2011.

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mar 25th 2011
Reunited grunge legends SOUNDGARDEN entered singer Chris Cornell's studio in Los Angeles earlier in the month to begin recording their first album in 15 years. Cornell tells in a new interview, "We're pretty far into our record now. I don't really know how to describe it musically, because typically with SOUNDGARDEN... every time we write a song we always take it for what it is and try to make it the most it can be. It's very diverse, I can tell you that."

Cornell says that that unlike the old days when the band was on a constant schedule of recording and touring, they're working in a much more relaxed way now.

"We went into this with the idea that we wouldn't worry about scheduling or timing," Cornell explains to "We would worry about making a great record; that's kind of where we're at. It's been a pretty fast pace, considering everything. We've really gotten very far very quickly, and it's really exciting. But we're not putting any pressure on ourselves or around the music and just want it to organically be finished without being concerned that, 'Oh, we have to master this on this specific date.' We're not in a situation where we have to rush, and this is one time we're lucky enough that we can afford to...let the album decide when it's done."

Adam Kaspar, who co-produced SOUNDGARDEN's last record, 1996's "Down On The Upside", is working with the group on the new effort as well.

SOUNDGARDEN reunited in January 2010 but has only played a handful of gigs — including a headlining set at last August's Lollapalooza festival in Chicago — and issued a compilation titled "Telephantasm" last fall.

The band's first live album, called "Live On I5", came out on March 22 and was recorded on one of their final tours.

Cornell, who's going out on a solo acoustic tour this spring, told Spin that SOUNDGARDEN will play more live shows this year.

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mar 25th 2011
Best Buy, which was the exclusive U.S. retailer for GUNS N' ROSES decade-plus-in-the-making album "Chinese Democracy", is offering a special deal on copies of the CD. You can now purchase the album via the web site for just $1.99.

"Chinese Democracy" was a commercial disappointment upon its release in November 2008, selling just 614,000 copies in the U.S. so far, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The CD was officially certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on February 3, 2009 for shipments in the United States in excess of one million copies.

Best Buy paid $14 million for 1.6 million copies of the album, according to Hits.

Aside from Billboard and Spinner interviews and answering a number of fan questions at a GUNS N' ROSES message board, singer Axl Rose has done no promotion of any kind for "Chinese Democracy".

GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal threw cold water on remarks by fellow GUNS axeman D.J. Ashba, who was quoted as saying at a party in Los Angeles late last year that the band was "throwing around a bunch of ideas" for a new album. Thal took to his Facebook page to set the record straight, saying, "We've yet to get in a room and write as a band. (I) know D.J. mentioned something about a new album, but don't want y'all expecting anything soon. Other than old unreleased songs, songs need to be written, jammed, recorded, tweaked, re-worked, re-recorded, mixed, re-mixed, mastered, re-mastered, art, new art, label approval, a game plan from the label that Axl [Rose, singer] approves . . . not as simple when it's on such a big scale . . . Just don't want ya getting frustrated if a GN'R album doesn't happen quick."

"Chinese Democracy" came out 15 years after its predecessor, 1993's "The Spaghetti Incident". It took more than a decade to record, during which every original member of the band except Rose was replaced and four different producers were used.

Nevertheless, Rose hinted in a 2002 interview that the lengthy sessions for the record had left him with enough material for two follow-ups.

Bassist Tommy Stinson, who has been playing in the current GUNS lineup for 12 years, told The Pulse Of Radio that he's always had confidence in Rose's vision. "I had doubts at certain points, and the thing that kept me going every time is that I would talk to Axl about this and that, his ideas about what we're doing and what we're gonna do and stuff like that," he said. "And every time, I just kinda had to stop and go, 'You know, he really knows exactly what he wants to get.' How to get there is another issue, but he knows what he wants, how he wants it to be. Every time I had a doubt, I would talk to him about stuff, and totally be back in it."

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mar 25th 2011
Pete Townshend says he regrets forming The Who and should have forged a solo career. "Even though I am quite a good gang member and a good trooper on the road, I am bad at creative collaboration," says Townshend. "I would have made a much more effective solo performer and producer working the way Brian Eno has worked." He also says he would be "less physically damaged today. My ears, right wrist and shoulder would work more efficiently. In all other respects I am in extremely good shape." The Who is on hiatus while Townshend continues to struggle with hearing problems as well as working on new music.  

--Courtesy of Sal Cirrincione

Source -- Independent
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mar 23rd 2011
New York Times pop music writer Neil Strauss, who, along with the members of MÖTLEY CRÜE wrote a weighty collective biography of the band called "The Dirt - Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band" in 2002, was asked in a brand new interview with what the latest is on the film adaptation of "The Dirt". "I know they're looking at a few different directors for it," he replied. "I gotta say, the screenplay is amazing. I really hope they make it. I think it will be great. I think they're just scared because it's obviously going to be a hard R-[rated] movie. I think they're worried they won't make enough money off it." When asked if he had any thoughts or preferences on whom they might cast, Strauss replied, "No, but I got a text from the screenwriter, Rich Wilkes, and he told me who he'd love to see in the film. Here's who he sees: Brad Pitt as David Lee Roth, Jared Leto as Vince Neil, Jack Black or Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Ozzy Osbourne, Robert Patrick or Justin Timberlake as their first manager (a guy called Alan Kaufman), Sam Rockwell as Mick Mars, Ashton Kutcher or Russell Brand as Tommy Lee. He's got it all thought out. That would be amazing."

Rob Zombie recently denied the widely reported story that he was going to direct "The Dirt". Zombie told Australian web site Undercover, "No, I'm not doing the MÖTLEY CRÜE movie. I don't know where that rumor came from."

"That rumor" appeared to originate in a Billboard interview with CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee, in which it was reported that Zombie would direct the on-again, off-again movie. Zombie has been attached to several projects over the last few years, including a remake of "The Blob", but his name has never come up in connection with "The Dirt".

It was reported in 2008 that MÖTLEY CRÜE was trying to extricate itself from a deal with MTV Films, a division of Paramount Pictures, to make the "The Dirt" movie.

A deal was first announced for the film version in 2006 but has since gone nowhere. Bassist Nikki Sixx told Reuters that MTV was "a channel that used to be hip and has now actually become unhip...They are not the right partner."

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mar 23rd 2011
According to The Pulse Of Radio, former VAN HALEN singer Sammy Hagar thinks his newly-released autobiography, which spills a lot of dirt about his days with the band, will get them riled up enough to make a great record with original frontman David Lee Roth. The group is currently in the studio with Roth for the first time since 1983, but Hagar told MTV Hive, "I heard it's not going so good. This is what I've heard through the grapevine, that they've already fired one producer and Ed [Van Halen] and Dave supposedly can't be in the same room together. If they can't be in the same room together, how can they make a record? I think I'm doing VAN HALEN a favor with my book. It may put a fire under their asses to swallow some pride and make another record for the fans."

Hagar's last album with VAN HALEN was 1996's "Balance", but he says that his relationship with Eddie was already crumbling at the time. "Ed needs somebody to make decisions and a leader, you know," he said. "He's not a natural born leader kind of guy. And his brother [drummer Alex Van Halen] was always the leader before or Roth was the leader before, and when Roth left, his brother and him bumped heads so much, when I walked in it was like, 'Well, what does Sam wanna do?' you know. So it became kind of like, yeah, I was making all the decisions, so then on 'Balance' all of a sudden he didn't like my decisions and it was like really weird."

Hagar and Roth actually toured together some years back, when neither man was involved with VAN HALEN, but Hagar shared his opinion of his VAN HALEN predecessor, saying, "Straight up? He's not a friendly guy. He's not a nice guy at all. And he's no freakin' fun. Here's a guy who makes an image out of being a party animal, getting the babes and having a good time. But on tour, you knock on his dressing room door and he won't come out . . . He is not the guy that I expected him to be. He's just an act. Or maybe he just didn't like me. Maybe I'm too much fun for him. Or maybe I sing too well and it scares him."

Hagar's book, "Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock", arrived in stores last week. Hagar repeats in the book his claim that he was once abducted by aliens.

He has recently started recording the second album from CHICKENFOOT, the supergroup which also features ex-VAN HALEN bassist Michael Anthony, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS drummer Chad Smith, and guitarist Joe Satriani.

VAN HALEN reunited with Roth in 2007 for a massively successful world tour, and announced in January that they were entering the studio to record the first album with Roth on the mic since 1984.

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mar 9th 2011
MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee has backed away from his claim that Rob Zombie will direct the film adaptation of CRÜE's band biography "The Dirt - Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band".

Last week, Lee told that "we finally got a director" for the big screen version of 2002's "The Dirt". "Rob Zombie is going to direct," Lee said at the time, adding the on-again, off-again movie "is moving forward, which is nice 'cause it wasn't moving anywhere for quite awhile. Now things are moving forward." Lee subsequently clarified via email that, "I would LOVE to have Rob Zombie direct 'The Dirt', but far as I know that's not happening. I haven't heard that anyone has been picked yet. You know, the drummer's always the last to know. :) "

Zombie has been attached to several projects over the last few years, including a remake of "The Blob", but his name has never come up in connection with "The Dirt".

Zombie told The Pulse Of Radio why he's never really sure what his next project might be until it actually happens. "I mean, movies are weird because, like, people come to you, people that own the rights to things, and they want to do it, but sometimes just getting the funding to make the project go will take forever. That's why you're never quite sure what's next. Basically, whatever's next is usually whatever you can get the money for next."

Zombie's 's official next film as a writer and director is "The Lords Of Salem", about a 300-year-old coven of witches that comes back from the grave to menace the town of Salem, Massachusetts.

Zombie is scheduled to begin pre-production on the film this spring, once he has completed his current tour.

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mar 4th 2011
My Thursday night in Punta Cana = Ants In My Pants=The Little Dipper=Sex On The Beach.  Sort it all out on the Afternoon Road Show from 3-5p on Friday! Hasta Luego!

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feb 27th 2011

I love how the universe is always in balance.  Here in Punta Cana, there's a great mix of people from all over the world.  Americans, Canadians, Europeans.  There's plenty of European women here who don't mind having the girls out to get some fresh air, some sun, or whatever else.  However, there's plenty of European men who don't mind only having a 3-inch Speedo keeping you away from their business.  You take the good with the bad, it's all about balance. 

Shows start tomorrow.  Rick & Len from 7-9a, Rox & myself from 3-5p.  It will be epic. Talk to you then.

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feb 26th 2011
Made it to Punta Cana safely earlier this afternoon.  Beef Jerky seemed to be the snack of choice on the plane.  Added a nice layer to the usual airplane stench you feel.  Big props to the Catalonia Bavaro Resort.  It is pimp!  Here's some shots of my room.

Check out this tub

Shot of the main room

Hammock on the balcony.  Niiiice!

A welcome gift of a chocolate apple thing and a bottle of rum

Yeah, I can live here for the next week
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feb 26th 2011
Off on the International Incident to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic at the beautiful Catalonia Bavaro Resort.  Check out Rick & Len Monday morning from 7-9a, and then the Afternoon Road Show with Roxanne Steele and myself from 3-5p.  I'll be writing blogs, posting pictures here at and at the Borna WAPL Facebook page.

I leave pasty white, will come back pasty red.  Talk to you soon!
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feb 7th 2011
Joe Perry has broken his silence about not joining his Aerosmith bandmates during the Los Angeles writing sessions for their next album, which wrapped up last week. He writes on his Twitter page, "Let's get this straight. I am not leaving Aerosmith. I will be writing on the new CD. [I] just could not make the last eight day writing stint. We need all five members to write a real Aerosmith CD. We have plans to write in the spring for an extended time period." As for his relationship with Steven Tyler, he says, "Steven and I text all of the time. He's my brother in arms just like Brad [Whitford], Joey [Kramer] and Tom [Hamilton]. Everything else is a rumor."
Like Joe Perry and Joey Kramer, Steven Tyler now has a Twitter account. He also talks about the recent writing sessions, saying he wrote six songs, one of which is called "Oxygen," and that he is in "lyric hell." Tyler also says he found naked pictures of the band for his autobiography, Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?, which will be published on May 10th.  

--Courtesy of Sal Cirrincione
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feb 7th 2011
The match-making site "" asked nearly 32,000 of their members living in Pennsylvania or Wisconsin: "Which group of fans would you suppose have more sex? Steelers or Packers?" The results are lopsided: Packers fans have had more sexual partners. And they say they're getting busy at least 4 times a week. Looks like the Packers are winners on and off the field.

Also, according to the website Zoosk, 73% of the women surveyed said they'd rather watch the Super Bowl than have sex.

Courtesy of Mark Shipper
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