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mar 31st
VINCE NEIL: Who Bruised Who?
Vince Neil says he was the one who was injured last week during a confrontation with his ex-girlfriend in a Las Vegas hotel. He says Vegas TV entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs dug her nails into his arm, leaving two bloody marks. Alicia has filed a battery report against him claiming he poked her shoulder and left a mark, a claim he denies.

Earlier this week Neil told the Las Vegas Weekly that there was a confrontation, but said there was "no hitting or touching."

Alicia ended their seven-month relationship earlier this month, claiming it was "due to the decisions Vince continues to make," which is reportedly a reference to his drinking. Neil recently completed serving 30 days for a 2010 DUI arrest.

--Courtesy of Sal Cirrincione

Source: TMZ