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jan 27th 2016
The Hook Up – “Get Lost”
The Low Down Sound – “Ride Into the Sun”
Future Stuff – “Act Like You Love Me”
The Mascot Theory – “One Last Serenade”
Christopher Gold and the New Old Things – “Worrying Man”
The Cool Waters Band – “Northern Lights”
Dusk – “(Do The) Bored Recluse”
Kurt Gunn – “Michigan & Lake”
Cave Paintings – “Hits”
The Royal Blue – “Power”
Me Like Bees – “RaRa Etc”
Leading the Blind – “Brass & Cheek”
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jan 20th 2016
Them Howling Bones – “You and Me”
Firekid – “Lay By Me”
Redhawks – “Truth”
Dusk – “Too Sweet”
Gabe Burdulis – “Mess You Made”
Ifdakar – “Drive”
The Whiskey Farm – “The Only One”
The Suitcase Junket – “Twisted Fate”
The Young Revelators – “Lend Your Ear”
Rebel Waltz – “Lesson #9”
The Chocolateers – “Burning Bridges”
Lucas Cates – “Dirty Little Secrets”
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jan 14th 2016
Moooose: The Band!  - “Cold Bones”
Fun w/ Atoms – “Warning”
Rebel Waltz – “Umbrella”
The Raglanders – “Devil’s Cup”
Sunday Flood – “Cherry Wings and Canopy Trees”
The Violent Femmes – “Memory”
Red Sky Warning – “Deluge”
firekid – “Magic Mountain”
Greatest Lakes – “Looking In”
The Suitcase Junket – “Earth Apple”
Ryan Hommel – “Time, People, Control”
Jamie Lynn Fletcher – “My Desire of You”
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jan 7th 2016
The Jimmys – “Girl All Woman”
Jay Matthes – “The Light”
The Belle Weather – “Suitcase”
Ricky Ganiere – “Judas Iscariot”
Tenement – “Feral Cat Tribe”
Red Light Saints – “Say What You Will”
Sam Llanas – “Déjà Vu”
Adria Ramos – “Biting”
Trolley – “Crying All The Time”
Holy Sheboygan! – “Most Of The Time”
GGOOLLDD – “Dance Through The Winter”
Tigernite – “Witch”
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