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jan 25th 2017
Blackfoot Gypsies – “Gimme Some”
Copper Box – “Early One Morning”
Kalispell – “Windfall”
Me Like Bees – “Tundraland”
Danen Kane – “Maybe I’m Afraid”
Jamie Lynn Fletcher – “My Desire of You”
Motherfolk – “I Know”
Dead Horses - "All I Really Need To Know"
Leading the Blind – “Oxygen Thief”
Ricky Ganiere – “Difference”
Listening Party – “Back Roads”
Traveling Suitcase – “Strawberry Washington”
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jan 19th 2017
The Chocolateers – “Same Old Loser”
Beach Patrol – “On The Road”
Iggy Rae Vicious – “Man and His Guitar”
Glacial Speed – “Waking Up (From Sleeping)
Family Business – “The Big Red Button”
Canyon Spells – “Death Head”
Jason Moon – “Love and Life”
Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons – “New Orleans”
Mutts – “Separation Anxiety”
Green Screen Kid – “Canvas Skies”
Kyle Megna & The Monsoons – “Find The One Thing”
Red Light Saints – “Long Way Home”
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jan 11th 2017
Red Sky Warning – “Always Dreamin’”
Band of Seahorses – “Endorphin Orphin”
Mark Lamar Plopper – “This Kind of Rain”
Seasaw – “Waiting Song”
Listening Party – “Low”
Red Light Saints – “Anything, Anymore”
Christopher Gold & The New Old Things – “Ghost Town”
Leading The Blind – “Priapism”
Kyle Megna & The Monsoons – “Cat Fish Joe”
The Cool Waters Band – “Think I Might”
The Chocolateers – “Crush”
Dig Deep – “Desire to Decapitate”
Snowbirds – “My Direction”
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jan 4th 2017
The Record Company – “Off The Ground”
Brother O’ Brother – “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”
Green Screen Kid – “Canvas Skies”
Vinyl Theater – “Shine On”
Kurt Gunn – “Mary Virginia”
Bandalamas – “Best Bad Luck”
Sons of Kong – “Jack”
Pam The Bear – “Foul Weather Friends”
Reality Something – “Bail”
Abler Boys – “Share A Smile”
Mutts – “Prizefighter”
Joseph Huber – “Fell Off The Wagon”
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