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apr 26th 2017
The Mascot Theory – “Tear It Down, Make It Better”
The Royal Blue – “Chateau Ego”
Kurt Gunn – “Lake Superior”
The Raglanders – “Set Me Free”
BoDeans – “My Hometown”
Hero Jr. – “Jump Ship”
Sons of Kong – “Danger Queen”
Beach Patrol – “Sunny Day Flower Grave II”
J-Council – “Been So Long”
The Hook Up – “Won’t Go Home”
Unity the Band – “Peace & Justice”
Mike Mangione & The Union – “American Martyr”
Lil’ Davy Max – “Monkey on a String”
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apr 20th 2017
The Pulltops – “Destination”
Haunted Heads – “No Blood”
Horace Greene – “Salty Tears”
Nicholas The Transparent – “Can’t Wait”
RedHawks – “Wild Eyes”
Barely Civil – “Year of the Dog”
FEATherWOLF – “To You From Me”
Hallorann – “32”
Present Age – “Idols”
Christopher Gold & The New Old Things – “Sad Songs”
Doozey – “Something To Say”
Fun w/ Atoms – “Indiana Line”
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apr 13th 2017
Sons of Kong – “LA”
Leading the Blind – “Intentions”
Redshift Headlights – “When I Grab Hold”
The Record Company – “Baby I’m Broken”
Trapper Schoepp – “Don’t Go”
Direct Hit! – “Artificial Confidence”
The Listening Party – “The Rock”
Future Stuff – “Elephants”
The Haunted Heads – “No Word”
The Chocolateers – “Champagne and Flowers”
The Mascot Theory – “Sun It Rises”
The Liver Killers – “Gypsy Moth”
Kyle Megna & The Monsoons – “Hollow”
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apr 5th 2017
Horace Greene – “They Say”
Austin Lucas – “Alone in Memphis”
Recreation Station – “Aerodelic”
DUSK – “Names You’ve Got”
Aaron Lee Tasjan – “Made in America”
Flipp – “Rock”
Street Names – “Be Desperate, Deny”
Holly and the Nice Lions – “Nowhere”
The Ghost Wolves – “Itch”
Leading the Blind – “Brass & Cheek”
Kari Arnett – “Concrete and Honey”
Kurt Gunn – “Mary Virginia”
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