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may 24th
Christopher Gold and the New Old Things “Don’t Feel Like Living”
DUSK “Stones In Your Casserole”
Trapper Schoepp & the Shades - “John The Revelator”
UnityThe Band“U.N.I.T.Y”
Nordlund “Poverty Live”
BoDeans“My Hometown”
Kari Arnett “Concrete and Honey”
Brett Newski“Garage”
The Hook Up“Further”
The Raglanders“Devil’s Cup”
The String Benders “Northern Lights”
The Belle Weather“Unbound”
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may 18th
The Hook Up – “Further”
Gabe Brudulis – “Okay”
Auralai“Prom Queens”
The Pulltops – “Fly Away”
*DEBUT*  Nordlund - "To Hell With It" 
Green Screen Kid – “Canvas Skies”
Brett Newski – “Stranger”
*DEBUT* Queen Hilma – “Anywhere For Love”
The Present Age – “Idols”
He-Nis-Ra – “Down The Ranks”
Walt Hamburger – “A Thousand Roads”
FEATherWOLF – “To You From Me”
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may 9th
Kyle Megna & The Monsoons – “Falling For You”
Flipp – “Rock”
Copper Box – “Start Over Again”
Boxkar – “Come Down”
Althea Grace – “I Don’t Mind”
Adria Ramos – “Biting”
Mike Mangione – “Three Days”
J. Hardin – “Run Jackie, Run!”
The Foamers? – “Gotta Run”
BoDeans – “Rain or Shine”
Christopher Gold & The New Old Things – “Sad Songs”

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may 4th
Jared James Nichols – “Playin’ For Keeps”
FMDOWN – “Uninspired”
Cory Chisel & Adriel Denae – “New Light”
The Hook Up – “Hold Your Breath”
Rocket Cat – “Every Nowhere”
Flipp – “Rock”
Jiffy Slim – “Time Waster”
Verona Grove – “Fall Into Me”
Sweetalk – “Anatomically Speaking”
Fun w/ Atoms – “A Fate Unknown”
Emperors of Wyoming – “I’ll Be Waiting For You”
RedHawks – “Waiting To Hear”
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