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jul 26th
Holly and the Nice Lions“Noble Trouble”
RedHawks“Waiting To Hear”
The Mascot Theory“Sun It Rises”
Christopher Gold and the New Old Things“Devils”
Sunblind Lion“Love Into Battle”
The Hook Up“Further”
Sons of Kong“L.A.”
Strange Americans “Places II”
Cory Chisel  - “Longer Time at Sea”
Kurt Gunn “Night Is A Villain”
FEATherWOLF“Slippin’ Away”
Driveway Thriftdwellers“Michigan Wind”
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jul 19th
Barely Losing “Set Me Up (a.k.a. Switchblade)"
Wild Adriatic - “Appleton”
The Whiskey Belles “Shot of Whiskey”
The Traveling Suitcase“Promises
Me Like Bees “Tundraland”
Tatiana Marie “I’ll Get Over You”
Welshly Arms“Bad Blood”
Nordlund “Madeline”
Kyle Megna & The Monsoons“Don’t Let Me Go”
Redshift Headlights“What This Heart Is”
Hero Jr.“30 Foot Wave”
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jul 13th
The Lately“New Single”
Robert Rewald“Climb the Mountain”
Grim Waters“Folklore”
FEATherWOLF“Miss Marie”
The Listening Party“Back Roads”
Hero Jr.“Witness”
Christopher Gold “Further South”
DUSK “Names You’ve Got”
The Chocolateers“Dylan’s Song”
The Hamburgers “Raging Bull”
GGOOLLDD “Secrets”
The Traveling Suitcase – “Promises”
Glen David Andrews“Lower Power”
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jul 7th
Kalista - "Tightrope"
Smoketree - "Lift Me Up"
Chris Aaron and Doc Randall - "Little Black Dress"
Bobby Evans and the Dairyland Kings - "Don't Smoke Cigarettes"
Vulgar Pang - "Into You"
Pawnshop Lifters - "Push"
Cool Waters Band - "Willow Tree"
Dave Steffen Band - "Way of the Witch"
Burnt Toast and Jam - "Out of the Fire"
Marc Golde Band - "Don't Come Cryin' "
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