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sep 27th
Pudge – “(Not Going To Waste) Another Day”
The Hook Up – “Further”
Lil’ Davy Max – “I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”
The Lately – “So It’s Like That”
Robert Rewalt – “Climb The Mountain”
Red Light Saints – “Say What You Will”
Unity The Band – “Peace & Justice”
Copper Box – “Early One Morning”
The Cool Waters Band – “Think I Might”
Porky’s Groove Machine – “P.S.A. (Porky’s Service Announcement)”
Leading The Blind – “Priapism”
The Chocolateers – “Cream”
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sep 20th
Dead Horses – “Turntable”
Kurt Gunn – “Autumn Leaves”
Yoko and the OH NO’s – “Love U”
The Record Company – “Off The Ground”
The Raglanders – “Weekend Warrior”
The Priggs – “New Calamity”
The Chocolateers – “Burning Bridges”
Diane Coffee – “Everyday”
Kyle Megna & The Monsoons – “Find The One Thing”
Viper’s Drag – “Won’t Be The One”
FEATherWOLF – “Slippin’ Away”
Danen Kane – “No Words”
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sep 13th
Jackson Mankowski“A New Man”
The Lately“So It’s Like That…”
The Cool Waters Band“Don’t Forget Where You Came From”
Cory Chisel & Adriel Denae“Songbird”
The Royal Blue“My Woman On A Train”
Austin Lucas“Alone In Memphis”
The Family Business“Downhill”
FM Down“Missing Souvenirs”
Redhawks“Reappear Vol. 2”
Farewell Milwaukee“Hurt No More”
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sep 5th
Kyle Megna & The Monsoons“You Are My Light”
Violent Femmes“Memory”
Robert Rewalt - "Hero's Heart"
The Raglanders“Set Me Free”
Sweetalk “Antomically Speaking”
Brett Newski “Garage”
Jiffy Slim“Time Waster”
Grim Waters“Folklore”
The Chocolateers - "Same Old Loser"
Christopher Gold and The New Old Things“Don’t Feel Like Living”
The Priggs - "Oh Natalie"
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