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oct 24th
Brett Newski – “Garage”
The Hook Up – “Hold Your Breath”
Randi Fay – “Pheromone”
Rob Ransom + The New Life Band – “Flying High in the Promised Land”
Hero Jr. – “Witness”
Christopher Gold + The New Old Things – “Don’t Feel Like Living”
The Mascot Theory – “Tear It Down, Make It Better”
Queen Hilma – “Drown In You”
Kurt Gunn – “Lie To Me”
Ifdakar – “Today”
Nordlund – “To Hell With It”
Haunted Heads – “No Blood”
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oct 18th
The Violent Femmes – “Memory”
The Lately – “Side of the Shoulder”
The Royal Blue – “My Woman on a Train”
The Belle Weather – “The Accomplice”
The Hawkeyes – “One Plug in the Wall”
Redhawks – “Waiting to Hear”
Grim Waters – “Folklore”
Sweetalk – “Annie Maul”
Karate School – “It’s What Keep Us Going”
The New George Halas Party – “Love Can Be”
The Traveling Suitcase – “Casanova”
The Chris Aaron Band – “Heaven Help Me”
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oct 10th
Dead Horses – “Turntable”
Shaun Marie – “One Good Day”
The WhiskeyBelles – “Stealing Glances”
Kari Arnett – “Casualties”
GGOOLLDD – “Secrets”
Queen Hilma – “Drown In You”
Tatiana Marie – “I’ll Get Over You”
Auralai – “Prom Queens”
Erin Krebs – “Count On The Blues”
Rocket Cat – “Estabrook”
Dusk – “Leaf”
Althea Grace – “Running The Show”
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oct 5th
Mike Mangione & The Kin – “Riding Down”
Tom Thiel – “When You’re Gone”
Derek Holley – “Dreamcatcher”
FM Down – “…We Called It A Scene”
The Family Business – “Monster”
The Listening Party – “My Old Self”
Carousel Swan – “Compass”
Jackson Mankowski – “A New Man”
Strategic – “Making Cents & Making Sense”
One Strong Army – “Some Believe”
Green Screen Kid – “Canvas Skies”
The Raglanders – “Weekend Warrior”
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