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nov 30th 2016
Street Names – “The Gamble”
RedHawks – “Phase”
Farewell Milwaukee – “Figure You Out”
The Chocolateers – “Dylan’s Son”
The Traveling Suitcase – “Casanova”
GGOOLLDD – “Undercovers”
Tigernite – “Nice Guy”
Mark Steven Hillstrom – “Catskills”
The Raglanders – “Simple Girl”
Feed the Dog - “Vertigo”
Amos Pitsch – “Shift Toward Tenderness”
Christopher Gold & The New Old Things – “Winter Wind”
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nov 23rd 2016
The Snowbirds – “First In Line”
Karate School – “Lift Up Your Feet”
Rev. Raven & The Chain-Smokin’ Altar Boys – “Shake Your Boogie”
Big N’ Tasty Blues Band – “Hard Livin’”
The Royal Blue – “Chateau Ego”
Independent Idols – “Alone”
Holly and the Nice Lions – “Everything”
The Pukes – “Murder”
Nordlund – “High Hopes”
The Cool Waters Band – “On My Mind”
J-Council – “We Gotta Move”
Walt Hamburger – “Whiskey and Jen”
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nov 16th 2016
Kurt Gunn – “Lie to Me”
Midwest Death Rattle – “Tacoma Narrows”
Rob Anthony – “The Battle Is Over”
Devil Met Contention – “Used to Be”
Kim Souther – “Trouble Enough (feat. Bobby Coverston)
The Lemurs – “Put ‘em Back”
Moooose: The Band - “Broken Man”
Mutts – “Let’s Go”
The Hook Up – “Won’t Go Home”
Paul Hanna – “Searching”
Sweetalk – “All in Time”
Brett Newski – “Garage”
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nov 9th 2016
Brett Newski – “Black Taxi”
Peridot – “Tightrope”
RedBelt – “Throw Away”
GGOOLLDD – “Undercovers”
The Cool Waters Band - “Northern Lights”
Dead Horses – “Golden Sky”
Nicholas the Transparent – “Silly Lables”
Unity the Band – “Say What You Want”
Walt Hamburger – "A Thousand Miles”
Feed The Dog – “Vertigo”
Kyle Megna & The Monsoons – “Don’t Let Me Go”
Davy Knolwes – “Uprising”
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nov 2nd 2016
Mascot Theory – “Santa Ana Winds”
Beth Kille Band – “I Just Wanna Play”
Red Sky Warning – “Always Dreamin’”
Tenement – “Afraid of the Unknown”
Trapper Schoepp – “Don’t Go”
Bron Sage – “21 Spoons”
Farewell Milwaukee – “Hurt No More”
J-Council – “We Gotta Move”
RedHawks – “Reappear Vol. 2”
Raglanders – “Devil’s Cup”
Liver Killers – “I’m Drinkin’ Beer”
The Chocolateers – “Champagne and Flowers”
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