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dec 28th 2016
LOLO – “The Courtyard”
Amos Pitsch – “Shift Toward Tenderness”
Redhawks – “Reappear Vol. 1”
Feed The Dog – “Vertigo”
Farewell Milwaukee – “Hurt No More”
J-Council – “Remember Our Love”
The Hook Up – “Four on the Floor”
The Electra Color – “Stand Still”
Leading the Blind/A-Town Unplugged – “The Weight Has Been Lifted”
Christopher Gold & The New Old Things – “Winter Wind”
The Traveling Suitcase – “Here Comes the Gun”
The Carboys – “Expectations”
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dec 20th 2016
Kerosene Kites – “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”
RX Drugs – “Mountain of Dreams”
Auralai – “Slow Thaw”
Bron Sage – “My Baby She Lost Her Mind On Christmas Day”
Mark Lamar Plopper – “Acrobat”
AV Super Sunshine – “Love NYD”
GGOOLLDD – “Dance Through Winter”
Feed The Dog – “Sweet Sad Love Song”
Wheelhouse – “Dreams”
Field Report – “Home (Leave the Lights On)
Kurt Gunn – “Lie to Me”
Belle & The Bohemian – “This Christmas”
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dec 14th 2016
Kyle Megna and the Monsoons – “Hollow”
Stereo Frontier – “From Here On Out”
Wild Adriatic – “Strange Persuasions”
Simon Balto – “Murmurations”
Blueheels – “It’s A Lie”
Snowbirds – “Shakedown”
Verona Grove – “Fall Into Me”
Sam Luna – “Mama!”
Nicholas the Transparent - “Silly Lables (WAPL Acoustic)”
Mutts – “Prizefighter”
Jamie Lynn Fltecher – “I’ll Kiss You in the Rain”
The Chocolateers – “Champagne and Flowers”
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dec 7th 2016
Wrenclaw – “Pinecone”
Listening Party – “The Rock”
Sacred – “Paper Cups”
Nicholas the Transparent – “1581”
Reality Something – “Bail”
Lil’ Davy Max – “I Ain’t going Nowhere”
Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons – “Born Again”
Holly & Plastic – “Chasing Ghosts”
Karate School – “It’s What Keeps Us Going”
Kyle Megna & The Monsoons – “You Are My Light”
Christopher Gold and the New Old Things – “On The Breeze”
Rob Anthony – “We All Need”
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