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dec 27th 2017
Dead Horses – “Turntable”
J-Council – “Never”
Christopher The Conquered – “What’s the Name of the Town”
Karate School – “It’s What Keeps Us Going”
Girl Blue – “Fire Under Water”
Kurt Gunn – “Lie to Me”
Smooth Hound Smith – “Crazy Over You”
Auralai – “No Way In”
Jiffy slim – “Time Waster”
The Cool Waters Band – “Don’t Forget Where You Came From”
Wild Adriatic – “Cruel Lovin’”
The Family Business – “Monster”
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dec 19th 2017
Billy Shears (feat. Ken Wells) – “Hope It Snows”
Auralai – “Christmas Day”
Belle & The Bohemian – “This Christmas”
Kerosene Kites – “Let It Snow”
Vic Ferrari – “Christmas Must Be Tonight”
BoDeans – “Christmas Everyday”
Kim Parent – “Mr. Christmas, Mrs. Christmas Misses You”
Amos Pitsch – “Lake Effect”
Erin Krebs & Jeff Johnston - “Cold December Night”
Nora Collins – “Christmas Kiss”
Cookie & Friends – “The Little Drummer Boy”
Rock Garden Christmas Choir – “On Christmas Night”
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dec 12th 2017
Luke Arvid – "F Pantomime"
The Cool Waters Band – “Think I Might”
Jim Counter – “Out of My System”
Brett Newski – “Dirt”
The Raglanders – “Weekend Warrior”
Kyle Megna and the Monsoons – “Falling for You”
Humbird – “Leave a Light On”
Feed The Dog – “Sweet Sad Love Song”
Fancy Pears – “Sunsweat”
Lil’ Davy Max – “Monkey on a String”
Kerosene Kites – “House of Cards”
Rings – “Going Home”
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dec 5th 2017
Beautiful Beast – “Beautiful Beast”
FEATherWOLF – “To You From Me”
Daydream Retrievers – “Learning to Live with the End of the World”
GGOOLLDD – “Undercovers”
The Chocolateers - “Wanna DJ”
Christopher Gold & The New Old Things – “Don’t Feel Like Living”
Mark Steven Hillstrom – “Catskills”
The Redhawks – “Phase”
Simon Balto – “Murmurations”
The Mutts – “Neighbor” (feat. Jennifer Hall)
Amos Pitsch – “Lake Effect”
Jamie Lynn Fletcher – “All The Love That Can Be”
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