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feb 23rd 2016
Today (Tuesday), Len, John and Elwood along with Listener Bill Austin from Plymouth hitched a ride with some people from the Bavaro Runners tour operation about 45 minutes inland. We hauled some ten suitcases full of baseball equipment donated by Rockin' Apple listeners and carried to the Dominican Republic by fellow International Incident travelers to a rural school.

They don't have much but now they won't have to play their favorite sport with duct-taped baseballs, beat-up gloves and sticks for bats. Many of them also got cleats and even catcher's gear.

At first the kids were a little nervous but once we started handing out the equipment it started getting pretty exciting.

We threw out some balls along the way, too. The looks on those kids' faces was priceless.

As we were driving back into our beautiful and luxurious resort, I started thinking of the few first world problems I've heard about since we got here...the shower drained a little slow, too many kids in the pool, no Bud Light...and it all seemed so petty. When a decent baseball to play with can make someone's day, maybe even  week or month, it's a reminder how good we have it.

Huge thanks to everyone who played a part in what was a truly cool and humbling experience for us.
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feb 23rd 2016
Three days in and I've had to make it an early evening. I am such a lame-o. But better to give in and live to give 'er hell another day. I played 18 on the resort course today and played pretty well. Lots of pars but I missed every damned birdie putt. Cool course here at the Iberostar complex in Punta Cana.

The first day of broadcasting went quite well but for a brief downpour during the Road Show this afternoon. John went to move our electrical hookup out of the puddles and got quite a shock. Set him back a step for a moment. We've been saying for a couple of years that one of these International Incidents will result in one of us going home in a box but I didn't think it would be John!

Don't forget to listen for daily keywords and text them in to win a trip with us next year. Rick says we're going to Escanaba. Sounds exotic, at least.

Here's a question which I cannot fathom an answer to. When older gentlemen wear tiny thongs on the beach or at the pool, what are they trying to accomplish? Does one really need to tan their taint?

Well, more adventures await tomorrow. A couple of us are heading out in a Jeep into the hills to deliver donated baseball equipment to a rural school which we're told has little of anything. Word has gotten out around the resort that we're doing it. Apparently vendors up and down the beach have gotten wind of it and the appreciation is rather cool. We talked with a bartender who funds a ball team on which his little brothers play so we handed a bunch of gloves, bats, balls, jerseys and catcher's gear to him and it was hugs all around. Much thanks to veteran International Incidenter Bill Austin for spearheading the effort and also to everyone who donated gear, cash and collection points. Volunteers on the trip helped being 12 suitcases full of stuff.
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feb 27th 2015
Our week of WAPL International Incident broadcasts concluded, as usual with another rousing addition of The Vacation Game. The Vacation Game is "inspired by" the Newlywed Game but we don't call it that because we don't want their lawyers to screw us, "in the butt, Bob". Also, our contestants are seldom, if ever, newlyweds.

We've been doing this on the last day of our broadcast since year two of the International Incident. That means it's been with us for 10 consecutive years as have three of our couples whom we'll call Doc and the Nancy, Tim and Nicole, and Mak and Becky...because that's their names. It seemed logical to have them as this year's contestants.

I'm not going to try to recount all that went down during this year's game. If you missed it, I assure you it was jampacked with laughs, most of which were "in the moment" and would pale out of context. But I do want to take this time to say how much I appreciate the fact that these six people have chosen to go with us and participate in our broadcasts for an entire decade. It is a joy each year to spend some time with them, and have a few laughs over drinks followed by a few more laughs over a few more drinks and still a few more laughs over still a few more drinks and the next thing you know it's time to go home again.

And the same goes for EVERYBODY who chooses to come with us on this adventure. While Fox World Travel does a fantastic job of setting up a fun trip that is a good value, we know it's still not cheap. We also know that even more valuable than money to most people is their vacation time. Vacation time is like sex, no matter how much you get, it's never enough.

As a result, I find it so tremendously gratifying that anybody, no matter if it's their first year or their 10th, chooses to spend one of their most precious weeks of their year on our trip and hanging around our silly broadcasts. And the fact that so many people have come back multiple times makes me feel like we must be doing something right.

I will admit that when we started our International Incident trips 11 years ago, I had some deep, deep reservations. First, I am a big guy who in hot, humid weather makes his own gravy. And secondly, truth be told, I've never been much of a "people person". In fact, I, like what seems to be an unusually high percentage of radio people, had always tended to be somewhat shy and socially awkward. I couldn't imagine having to spend an entire week with people I didn't know.

As a result, for me the International Incident has been more than just fun. It's been an opportunity for me to grow as a human being. It's been an opportunity for me to make new friends. And, most importantly, it's been an opportunity for me to become more comfortable in my own skin; if not in my grundy-prone, taint-pinching underwear.

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feb 26th 2015
I made my second trip of the week into Playa del Carmen today. 5th Avenue in Playa can be so much fun. It's filled with bars, restaurants, too many t-shirt and souvenir shops and even a few cool stores.

The reason it was the SECOND trip of the week is because I never learn! Every time I'm in the Riviera Maya area I make the trip early in the week and late in the morning. And each time I make that journey I'm reminded that walking down the shade-free avenue at high noon, a few blocks from the cooling breezes off the gulf, with the unforgiving Mayan sun beating directly down on you, it feels like you're inside a blast furnace located on the surface of the sun.

The experience reminds me that it is better to go at night when the sky is full of stars and the streets are filled with people. That's how my companion Amy and I found ourselves eating at a little Italian restaurant. I don't know why there seem to be just as many Italian restaurants as Mexican restaurants in Mexico but the couple I've eaten at have been excellent!

It's been famously said that if you were to sit at a table at a well-known cafe on Paris' famed Champs-Élysées long enough, eventually everybody in the world will walk past. That's the same way it feels sitting in an Italian restaurant on a warm February night on Playa's 5th Avenue. As good as the food was the people watching may be even better? The difference being, people watching by itself seldom leaves a bright orange tomato stain on your new white shirt.

From there, with only a smattering of splattering on my shirt, we hit some shops where Amy purchased enough margarita glasses to open her own Chilis. And then it was back to ambling down the avenue where the sound of a live band playing Coldplay's "Yellow" caught our ear. We were unable to resist the siren song of a Mexican band covering an English band ripping-off an Irish band in a bar where the locals were watching French Canadian hockey on the TV. I'm sure it was the closest to visiting the United Nations I will ever get.

It was a very nice night!

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feb 26th 2015

It all started with dinner. Our Tuesday night beach bash here in Mexico. With a soundtrack of rock and rock-ish hits provided by our Mexican hosts, dinner began with some extraordinary soup made with pork sausage and ham. So much swine-generated goodness in one bowl! It exploded with flavor on my tongue. Then it was time for some flank steak with rice. The steak was tender, juicy and flavorful. Yum! What more could I want? I know, a small piece of grouper! It was flakey, grilled to perfection and ACH! ACH! WTF? MY THROAT IS CLOSING UP!!!

This was a first. I've never had an allergic reaction to food before. I don't recommend it. I didn't understand what was happening. My throat closed up while I still had a mouthful of grouper. Instead of spitting it out like a normal person, I forced it down my throat just as my esophageal sphincter was swelling shut. That bite was like the last chopper out of Saigon. Nothing would be leaving my mouth in that direction for some time.

I didn't want to make a scene so I tried sitting there quietly as Betsy from Fox World Travel raced to her room to retrieve her Benadryl. Several listeners, not knowing what was going on, came over and sat next me, telling me stories of their day's drunken shenanigans. All I could do was nod and try not to cover them in the copious amounts of saliva my body was producing. I think they just thought I was too drunk to talk or caught up the mesmerizing beat of the song "Maneater" pulsating from the resort speakers.

Finally, Betsy arrived like Florence Nightingale in a polo shirt and cargo shorts bearing the life-saving Benadryl. As the throat swelling begin to subside, my travel companion, whom we'll call
Zoey (because I'm getting sick of calling her Amy but that's her name), asked me if there's anything she could do for me. With my face still flush from discomfort and my vocal chords still traumatized and raw, I peered into her eyes and croaked as best I could, "Please, whatever you do, just promise me you will not let me die listening to Hall and Oates".
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feb 26th 2015
So it's Thursday and I haven't blogged yet.  But not because I was missing.  And just for the record, I was never missing. 

Here's the last known photo of me that night.... I knew where I was... it's just that no one else knew.

It has been absolutely beautiful here at the Iberostar Paraiso Lindo and all the employees here have been fantastic.  From the welcome reception Sunday to the beach party the other night and just walking around and the workers always smiling and saying "hola" to us as we pass... it's just been such an amazing experience all around.  This is THE place to stay in Riviera Maya.

I have been spending most of my time at the swim up bar in the pool.  Oddly enough, many of our group have been there as well.  I have designated Tim as the guy to alert me of any exceptional... ahem, "talent" that shows up at the pool.  So I've called him "Tim the Booby Guy".  (I don't really call him that here... I just don't think I should say "Tim the Titty Guy" on the blog."). Anyway, there have been many laughs all week and I realize that most are at my expense and that's okay.  I keep thinking that we're blessed with a fine group of awesome listeners and they've been stuck with me.  I hope no one's sick of me yet.

Tonight a number of us are heading to Señor Frog's for food and fun.  I hope we all make it back.  Stories (and possibly pictures) later on.
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feb 25th 2015
After my brush with death Tuesday night, I chose to make Wednesday a low impact sort of day. After the morning show broadcast, my traveling companion, whose name I seem to have forgotten, and I grabbed a cab to the small, but rapidly expanding, town of Puerto Morelos.

After a little poking around, we ended up at a restaurant on the beach. There we wiled away a couple hours with drinks and food while staring at the bluest water you have ever seen. Of course, we could've done the same thing at our resort but sometimes it's just nice to get away from your getaway. It was so peaceful.

The beers were so cold so refreshing. The coconut shrimp, which were the size of a baby's arm, were delicious! The gentle breeze was blowing off the water at just the right speed to make us feel comfortable on another warm, sunny Mexican day. When we weren't staring at the ocean we were catching glimpses of an artist building extraordinary sculptures in the sand. It would have been one of life's perfect moments if only I hadn't had a taint pinching grundy. Damn!

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feb 25th 2015
Another beautiful day in Riviera Maya, Mexico for the WAPL International Incident. I'd blog today...but my brain function is at an all-time low. I blame Ross...

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feb 24th 2015
On Tuesday morning's Rick and Len Show it was time for our annual spicy food tasting competition. And it really pissed me off!

It all started two years ago when two of our Incidenters, whom we'll call Mike and Cale (because that's their names) got into a discussion about which one could eat the spiciest food. We decided to make it a competition and added a third contestant, whom we'll call Carol (because yada yada yada). The chef made three increasingly more spicy dishes for them to try. None of them batted an eye or broke a sweat.

Last year, we tried it again. This time with increasingly more spicy hot sauces. Again, none of the contestants found the first two hot sauces to be very impressive. However, they all did agree the third one had a little kick.

So this year, I came prepared with spicy barbecue and hot sauces I ordered online. The first two were chosen for their amusing names that would lead to inevitable radio hilarity. (Oh, the laughs we had!) Those being, Blazin' Rectums Gourmet Hot BBQ Sauce and Professor Phardtpounders Colon Cleaner. The third, called simply Z was the one that I knew would make them start sweating like a whore in church and breathing fire like one of Khaleesi's dragons on Game of Thrones. I watched videos of people trying just a drop of the Z sauce on a toothpick on YouTube and their heads almost burst into flame. It couldn't fail!

So, Mike and Carol joined us again with a newbie whom we'll call Vicki (because...oh, you know the drill) filling in for Cale who is not with us this year. They tried the first two with no effect, as I had assumed. But then came the third. This would be my shining moment.

Z is one of the hottest sauces ever made. For comparison, on the Scoville Heat Index, which measures spiciness, Jalapeño peppers measure 2500 to 5000 Scoville units. Cayanne peppers start at 30,000 Scoville units. Habaneros at 100,000. Police grade pepper spray starts at 2 1/2 million Scoville units. Our Z hot sauce measures 4 million Scoville units!!!

The label on the bottle warns "Use as a food supplement only. One drop at a time." So, with this in mind, I applied three or four drops to chicken nuggets and fed them to our unwitting victims. NOTHING! "More" they said. "Give us more!". So I loaded up three more nuggets COVERING them in the potentially lethal sauce. Not only did they eat them with no immediately noticeable effects, they LICKED the remainder of the sauce off their plates!!!!

Yet, it wasn't a failure. We may not have determined which one can eat the spiciest food. However, I believe we have proven once and for all, that contestants Mike, Carol, and VickI are not human!!! They are obviously some kind of space aliens and tonight we will beat them to death with rakes on the beach and burn their bodies in an old-fashioned funeral pyre which I'm guessing none of them will even think is hot.
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feb 23rd 2015
After the extraordinarily entertaining Afternoon Roadshow with Ross and Roxanne, my friend, whom we'll call Amy (because that's her name) an I hung around the theater where the waitress wouldn't stop bringing us drinks for which we sternly punished her with a series of monetary tips. No matter how many tips we gave her, she still kept bringing drinks. While sitting there, we overheard the guitarist for the resort's rock show warming up with a little Van Halen and Metallica. Despite our inability to stop the waitress from serving us more Don Julio margaritas on the rocks and multiple cervezas, we decided to stay and catch the show. Take a look for yourself…

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feb 23rd 2015
Two full days in to the WAPL International Incident and we're loving it! My wife and daughter and I along with our engineer Evan and his wife Amber took the trip inland to the Mayan ruins at Chicken Itza on Sunday which was incredible.

We followed that with a jump into and underground cenote which was cool and refreshing.

Since I'm with my family for the first time in 11 years of WAPL trips, I've been remarkably well-behaved (sure I have) but that's about to change.

Rick and I had a well-attended morning broadcast,It's always gratifying that our listeners love to participate in the madness on the radio.

After a late breakfast it was some time in the sun on the beautiful beach here at the Iberostar Paraiso Lindo. I'm pretty smart about limiting my exposure time since I have the stereotypical pale Wisconsin winter complexion going but some color has surfaced. The waves are pretty big and powerful so it takes some effort to keep from drowning (my daughter claims she almost died) but it's a blast.

A bunch of WAPL listeners went on a reef adventure today. It's basically the same thing as being on the resort in that there's an abundance of booze. Plus snorkeling in between drinks.

Ross and Rox are handling the Afternoon Road Show this year. It was almost just Rox after Ross went missing last night. His wife Kate was frantically texting everyone trying to find him at 1 a.m. and later. Turns out he spent most of the night sleeping upright in a chair by the pool. Until 4:30 a.m. but at least he was upright for a change. It seems he's in the running for Weenie of the Week...and there's some pretty worthy competition for that title already. Stay tuned.

Manana, muchachos.
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feb 23rd 2015
Well, day one of the 2015 International Incident has come and gone. and it's already been amazing. The resort is gorgeous! Beautiful grounds, the staff is amazing and having Betsy, Lynn and Kate from Fox World Travel along with the group is a great safety net for some of the craziness that IS the International Incident. This year, I brought my sister-in-law Stacey with me, so we are  having a hoot. It's her first time out of the county and of course, the International we are running her through the paces.

We hit the beach in the morning and regardless of a high SPF lotion, I became a sun-ripened tomato color as the day progressed.

I'd show you a pic of my sunburn, but you didn't buy at ticket to that show...first Road Show of the week with Ross and I is coming up later today!

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feb 22nd 2015
After finally dragging myself out of bed, my traveling companion, whom we'll call Amy (because that's her name) and I went into Playa del Carmen for the afternoon. We were excited to return to a restaurant where we ate twice last year because it was so amazing. The food here at the all-inclusive has been fantastic but it's still fun to go off the reservation sometimes and sample the local restaurants.

Arriving in Playa, we went directly to the location where we ate last year. We were seated at almost exactly the same table. Ordered a couple of delicious drinks. Looked at the menu.  None of the dishes we so loved last year were on it. We never even noticed that it was a new restaurant in the same location. What was once a Mexican seafood restaurant was now a Argentinian steakhouse. Good but not the same.

Amy ordered pizza (like you do at an Argentinian steakhouse) and it arrived like this. I'm told it was very good but I'd never seen pizza served in this manner.

We made it back to the resort in time for our welcome reception for our WAPL fellow travelers. At the shindig, we recognized three couples who have gone with us for 10 consecutive years; Tim and Nicole, Doc and Nancy, and Mak and Becky. It's been a joy getting to know them over the last decade and we wanted to do something special.… And, stupid.

So, we presented our three pairs of decade divas with accessories fitting their accomplishment. Each of the men received a red fez hand with a  golden tassel. And their wives, received tiaras and WAPL International Incident sashes. 

They wore them for the rest of the night and were recognized by others at the resort as virtual royalty. Should Prince William and his bride Kate have been here, they'd have been required to bow down show deference to our International Incident kings and queens.

As Mac put it, referring to his fez, "this is my proudest possession ever". Of course he's crazy. But wouldn't he have to be to join us for 10 consecutive WAPL International Incidents. But we are so glad he is.
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feb 22nd 2015
As I write this, I am at in my room at the Iberostar Paraiso Lindo on the Mexican Riviera, birds are chirping and cawing outside my window and I am at one with the bed. Being at one with the bed is a rare sensation. It means the room is the just the right temperature, the bed is just the right firmness, I am perfectly relaxed and, despite there being a million things to do here, I never want to get up.

It was an early night last night. The day started with an pre-dawn trip to the airport and quality time spent with a TSA agent who apparently learned manners from Attila the Hun. That was followed by my first flight on Aero-Mexico. Very sweet. Most modern plane I've flown on. Every seat has it's entertainment center with choices of free movies and TV shows. They even served food!

Then, after an unusually long slog through the Cancun airport (that's the small price you pay to get to paradise) it was was a pleasant bus ride with a couple beers to the resort. What I've seen of it so far is quite lush and beautiful and the bartender in the lobby bar REALLY makes some nice drinks. The Don Julio margaritas on the rocks were sublime.

After making sure our equipment works for Monday morning's broadcast, it was a short jaunt to the resort's taco shop for delicious garlic sausage tacos. It was still early but it had been a long day and I was spent. After a great night's sleep last night (Other than waking once with a Charlie horse. Must remember to hydrate more!), I am ready to face the day and embark on some truly great adventure. If only I can convince myself to get out of bed.

Lobby Bar
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feb 21st 2015
We arrived after a pretty uneventful trip on the second WAPL International Incident plane to Riviera Maya. Plane #1 had some hellacious delays going through Mexican customs but plane #2 breezed through with the exception of Ross Maxwell who got sent to the office (something I'm sure reminded him of his school days) for a grilling on why he was bringing in all kinds of electronic stuff with lots of wires. I had the same kind of case of broadcast stuff but was quickly waved through. Must be something sinister looking about Ross.

The Iberostar Paraiso Lindo resort looks great. I haven't had much time to explore the whole thing yet because it's pretty expansive but we've got all week. Here's a shot of the lobby ceiling.

It was partly cloudy and about 80-degrees today.  Every single one pf the 150 or so WAPL listeners with us here is just fine with that!

There is wildlife all over the place, including lots of coatis, which my daughter says look like Ma Nature took parts of a raccoon, a red panda and a lemur and made the  coati. Also wandering peacocks. This one thinks he's the cock of the walk!

Our room is quite adequate (he said, underselling it by a mile).

The bathroom has an interesting one-two wall-mounted toilet flusher. One button for your number ones, the other a more substantial flow for your number twos.

We ate at the buffet restaurant this evening but can't wait to try to the wide variety of specialty restaurants. Then again, I may decide to skip actual food altogether and subsist solely on the cappuccino ice cream at the dessert table. Aye, caramba that's some tasty stuff!

Tomorrow holds either a trip inland to Chichen Itza, the massive Mayan ruins complex which is one of the seven wonders of the new world and perhaps a swim in a cenote (underground pool) or else a round of 18 on the world-class P.B. Dye golf course here at the resort. Tough choice, I know.

We tested our broadcast equipment from the nice theatre where we'll come your way Monday through Friday from 7-9 a.m. and 3-5 p.m. and it worked!  Miracles never cease. Manana, muchachos.
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feb 28th 2014
We are at a big resort. The walk to the beach, the restaurants, or a few of the nine or so bars on property may be longish but the beautiful promenade we stroll makes it seem shorter. 

A not necessarily unpleasant but certainly unwelcome rain last night soaked one of the cool excursions. The Sunset Cruise was The Sunwet cruise.  Spirits were certainly not dampened, however. Lots of us were having another great evening far from our the frigid future which too soon awaits.

The Road Show with John and Elwood featured an informative primer on Mexican farmacia shopping with an actual pharmacist. We learned that there are about three shelves of Viagra and Cialis to every one shelf of everything else. They have cheap drugs for things like high blood pressure but I think living here might lower it by environmental osmosis.

The afternoon boys and I were fortunate to accompany Lynn and Diane into town last night for a little shopping (not for Viagra) and dinner. Live marimbas and other assorted mariachi sounds with a cold Bohemia, Pacifico or big margaritas on the rocks with calamari, creamy hot queso for starters made for a fun evening out. John disappeared into the way back storeroom of a shop down through a makeshift alley just to search through stacks of soccer shirts. He was trying to find the jersey of some stud who plays for Bayern Munich. Instead he located a Renaldo when he was with his last team. Guys can enjoy shopping, too. 

A couple of drinks back at the resort with new and old friends followed by a while on the balcony listening to security chasing some loud Canadians around the property was a fine and funny end to the night. New rule : Drunk Canadians in full throat have to pick better songs to bellow into the quiet of a warm tropical night than "YMCA." For love of the Queen, man! Maybe some Rush next time?

A final Rick and Len Show this morning, breakfast, a hasty order of Summerfest concert tickets for my daughter (I am not "seeing" Paramore any more than I "saw" One D but I wouldn't mind, truth be told) and I think I am finished here but for our last Road Show up at the Plaza Bar. I'm almost out of money so another week here ain't in the cards.

A big thanks to our Fox World Travel crew for making it memorable (1-866-GO-FOX-GO). And to the 175 or so Rockin' Apple friends who make it possible. Here's the WAPL and Fox World Travel teams from right to left: John, Betsy, Vicky, Rick, Len, Diane, Lynn and Elwood. Manana.

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feb 27th 2014
A slightly cloudy day today...first one all week. It's very humid but no rain so far. Just one gorgeous day after another. I am headed back to Playa del Carmen but at night this time. Should be an adventure. I have a small bit of shopping to do for my daughter back home. It was lots easier (and cost fewer pesos) back when we started doing these International Incident trips a decade ago. I did find a few things earlier this week which will NOT be coming back in my suitcase. Oh, come on, it's not what you think. 

Lots of wild Wisconsinites came with us to the Riviera Maya but there was also lots of wildlife already here at the Grand Sunset Princess Resort.

The broadcasts have been going well. I hope you've been listening in from your frigid home state. We crowned the 2014 Vacation Game champs, Dale and Carol, this morning. They've been married 31 years and apparently know everything about each other.

Last night after the rest of the radio crew and most of our listeners were in bed, I took a stroll down to the beach. I had the run of it to myself so I just sat for close to an hour and listened to and watched the waves, tried to pick out constellations from a completely different latitude and pretty much recharged everything the natural way. I only wish a bar would have been open down there but that would have screwed up the whole natural recharge, right? (pic 6)
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feb 26th 2014
Feeling a little bound up after a dinner Monday night at the fondue restaurant here at our resort. I won't have to  poop until I get back home. It was fabulous! Stuffed crab, french onion soup and a tasty cheese fondue selection with deliciously tender steak, chicken, pork, shrimp, sausage and veggies. Vanilla ice cream crepes with chocolate sauce for dessert. Yum.

I spent some time in the pool after the morning broadcast (7-9 a.m. on 105-7 WAPL). Maybe about 20 minutes too much time. It doesn't look as bad when I wear a red t-shirt. There's a lot of that going around! There are pools everywhere here and multiple swim-up bars. Funny how you can always find WAPL listeners at every one of them. If the water suddenly feels a bit warmer you know you're in the midst of our crew. I call it the El Niño Mak effect (named for the amazing amount of time Bob Makolin can spend in the pool without getting out to, uh, get rid of some of the many beers he has). Lots of that going around, too. 

The afternoon broadcast with John and Elwood (3-5 p.m.) got a little loose as innumerable shots of brightly colored liquors and things kept appearing on the broadcast table. Rick and I are glad the bar at the show location doesn't open until halfway through our two-hour show. That's a big fat lie, by the way.

We had a beach BBQ party last night which was a raging success. The Fox World Travel ladies (Vicky, Lynn, Betsy and Diane) deserve major kudos for that. We had a DJ cranking good rock and roll, lots of dancing in the sand and a rousing game of Chase the Ace. At one point there were 18 people in the same game with five dice moving around the table at once.

After the beach bash I relaxed the rest of the night away on John's deck telling old radio tales, dishing about our group of 175's nuttiness and listening to music you might not expect WAPL guys to like. Stuff like  The Little River Band, George Benson, Bill Withers, Ambrosia and even the Starland Vocal Band. Somehow "Afternoon Delight" seems like a better song when you're overlooking palm trees and clear blue lighted pools while feeling the soft breezes of a warm February night on the Caribbean side of Mexico. And I am not embarrassed to admit it, so there.   
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feb 24th 2014
We had a pretty uneventful trip to Riviera Maya in Mexico (other than the difficulty in getting up at 4 a.m. to catch the plane after some Milwaukee hotel bar shenanigans). Our resort, the Grand Sunset Princess, is spectacular.
Yesterday John, Elwood and I headed into Playa del Carmen for some exploration. We hooked up with Rick at Bodegita del Medio which is a Cuban offshoot of the place in Havana where they invented the mojito. A better one cannot be found. Their sandwiches are just as good. 

There are some interesting and enterprising business combinations here.

John and Elwood were all over the "fish spa" where tiny fish exfoliate your feet. They became quite the tourist attraction but management frowned on my attempt to charge 10 pesos for photos.

I'm looking for a place where the fish can exfoliate my liver.
We've got a great group of about 175 Rockin' Apple listeners with us and everyone seems "happy," which his Rick's term for inebriated.
I am having a pretty dang good time. You know, for a "work" trip. I don't mean to rub it in but it's 86 and sunny. Sucks to be you!
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feb 24th 2014
A few early notes from the 2014 International Incident...

- Spotted a guy motorboating some woman's booty as she got out of the pool.
- Shirtless dude with a guitar strapped to his back, stumbling drunkenly at 4pm
- WAPL listeners certainly know how to drink.
- Len, John, and Elwood went into Playa del Carmen on Sunday, grabbed lunch at the one restaurant in all of Mexico where Rick McNeal was also eating.
- Three words: Fish Spa Pedicure
- Wisco represent! WAPL listener wins a poolside beer chugging contest.
- We don't know what they're called, but the blue drinks at the welcome reception were tasty.
- Distinct possibility that our group will drink this place out of booze. Several times over.
- 175 people on this trip. Second best ever. Hope we all make it back!
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