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feb 28th 2014
We are at a big resort. The walk to the beach, the restaurants, or a few of the nine or so bars on property may be longish but the beautiful promenade we stroll makes it seem shorter. 

A not necessarily unpleasant but certainly unwelcome rain last night soaked one of the cool excursions. The Sunset Cruise was The Sunwet cruise.  Spirits were certainly not dampened, however. Lots of us were having another great evening far from our the frigid future which too soon awaits.

The Road Show with John and Elwood featured an informative primer on Mexican farmacia shopping with an actual pharmacist. We learned that there are about three shelves of Viagra and Cialis to every one shelf of everything else. They have cheap drugs for things like high blood pressure but I think living here might lower it by environmental osmosis.

The afternoon boys and I were fortunate to accompany Lynn and Diane into town last night for a little shopping (not for Viagra) and dinner. Live marimbas and other assorted mariachi sounds with a cold Bohemia, Pacifico or big margaritas on the rocks with calamari, creamy hot queso for starters made for a fun evening out. John disappeared into the way back storeroom of a shop down through a makeshift alley just to search through stacks of soccer shirts. He was trying to find the jersey of some stud who plays for Bayern Munich. Instead he located a Renaldo when he was with his last team. Guys can enjoy shopping, too. 

A couple of drinks back at the resort with new and old friends followed by a while on the balcony listening to security chasing some loud Canadians around the property was a fine and funny end to the night. New rule : Drunk Canadians in full throat have to pick better songs to bellow into the quiet of a warm tropical night than "YMCA." For love of the Queen, man! Maybe some Rush next time?

A final Rick and Len Show this morning, breakfast, a hasty order of Summerfest concert tickets for my daughter (I am not "seeing" Paramore any more than I "saw" One D but I wouldn't mind, truth be told) and I think I am finished here but for our last Road Show up at the Plaza Bar. I'm almost out of money so another week here ain't in the cards.

A big thanks to our Fox World Travel crew for making it memorable (1-866-GO-FOX-GO). And to the 175 or so Rockin' Apple friends who make it possible. Here's the WAPL and Fox World Travel teams from right to left: John, Betsy, Vicky, Rick, Len, Diane, Lynn and Elwood. Manana.

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feb 27th 2014
A slightly cloudy day today...first one all week. It's very humid but no rain so far. Just one gorgeous day after another. I am headed back to Playa del Carmen but at night this time. Should be an adventure. I have a small bit of shopping to do for my daughter back home. It was lots easier (and cost fewer pesos) back when we started doing these International Incident trips a decade ago. I did find a few things earlier this week which will NOT be coming back in my suitcase. Oh, come on, it's not what you think. 

Lots of wild Wisconsinites came with us to the Riviera Maya but there was also lots of wildlife already here at the Grand Sunset Princess Resort.

The broadcasts have been going well. I hope you've been listening in from your frigid home state. We crowned the 2014 Vacation Game champs, Dale and Carol, this morning. They've been married 31 years and apparently know everything about each other.

Last night after the rest of the radio crew and most of our listeners were in bed, I took a stroll down to the beach. I had the run of it to myself so I just sat for close to an hour and listened to and watched the waves, tried to pick out constellations from a completely different latitude and pretty much recharged everything the natural way. I only wish a bar would have been open down there but that would have screwed up the whole natural recharge, right? (pic 6)
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feb 26th 2014
Feeling a little bound up after a dinner Monday night at the fondue restaurant here at our resort. I won't have to  poop until I get back home. It was fabulous! Stuffed crab, french onion soup and a tasty cheese fondue selection with deliciously tender steak, chicken, pork, shrimp, sausage and veggies. Vanilla ice cream crepes with chocolate sauce for dessert. Yum.

I spent some time in the pool after the morning broadcast (7-9 a.m. on 105-7 WAPL). Maybe about 20 minutes too much time. It doesn't look as bad when I wear a red t-shirt. There's a lot of that going around! There are pools everywhere here and multiple swim-up bars. Funny how you can always find WAPL listeners at every one of them. If the water suddenly feels a bit warmer you know you're in the midst of our crew. I call it the El Niño Mak effect (named for the amazing amount of time Bob Makolin can spend in the pool without getting out to, uh, get rid of some of the many beers he has). Lots of that going around, too. 

The afternoon broadcast with John and Elwood (3-5 p.m.) got a little loose as innumerable shots of brightly colored liquors and things kept appearing on the broadcast table. Rick and I are glad the bar at the show location doesn't open until halfway through our two-hour show. That's a big fat lie, by the way.

We had a beach BBQ party last night which was a raging success. The Fox World Travel ladies (Vicky, Lynn, Betsy and Diane) deserve major kudos for that. We had a DJ cranking good rock and roll, lots of dancing in the sand and a rousing game of Chase the Ace. At one point there were 18 people in the same game with five dice moving around the table at once.

After the beach bash I relaxed the rest of the night away on John's deck telling old radio tales, dishing about our group of 175's nuttiness and listening to music you might not expect WAPL guys to like. Stuff like  The Little River Band, George Benson, Bill Withers, Ambrosia and even the Starland Vocal Band. Somehow "Afternoon Delight" seems like a better song when you're overlooking palm trees and clear blue lighted pools while feeling the soft breezes of a warm February night on the Caribbean side of Mexico. And I am not embarrassed to admit it, so there.   
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feb 24th 2014
We had a pretty uneventful trip to Riviera Maya in Mexico (other than the difficulty in getting up at 4 a.m. to catch the plane after some Milwaukee hotel bar shenanigans). Our resort, the Grand Sunset Princess, is spectacular.
Yesterday John, Elwood and I headed into Playa del Carmen for some exploration. We hooked up with Rick at Bodegita del Medio which is a Cuban offshoot of the place in Havana where they invented the mojito. A better one cannot be found. Their sandwiches are just as good. 

There are some interesting and enterprising business combinations here.

John and Elwood were all over the "fish spa" where tiny fish exfoliate your feet. They became quite the tourist attraction but management frowned on my attempt to charge 10 pesos for photos.

I'm looking for a place where the fish can exfoliate my liver.
We've got a great group of about 175 Rockin' Apple listeners with us and everyone seems "happy," which his Rick's term for inebriated.
I am having a pretty dang good time. You know, for a "work" trip. I don't mean to rub it in but it's 86 and sunny. Sucks to be you!
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feb 24th 2014
A few early notes from the 2014 International Incident...

- Spotted a guy motorboating some woman's booty as she got out of the pool.
- Shirtless dude with a guitar strapped to his back, stumbling drunkenly at 4pm
- WAPL listeners certainly know how to drink.
- Len, John, and Elwood went into Playa del Carmen on Sunday, grabbed lunch at the one restaurant in all of Mexico where Rick McNeal was also eating.
- Three words: Fish Spa Pedicure
- Wisco represent! WAPL listener wins a poolside beer chugging contest.
- We don't know what they're called, but the blue drinks at the welcome reception were tasty.
- Distinct possibility that our group will drink this place out of booze. Several times over.
- 175 people on this trip. Second best ever. Hope we all make it back!
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