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feb 26th
Len's International Incident four
Feeling a little bound up after a dinner Monday night at the fondue restaurant here at our resort. I won't have to  poop until I get back home. It was fabulous! Stuffed crab, french onion soup and a tasty cheese fondue selection with deliciously tender steak, chicken, pork, shrimp, sausage and veggies. Vanilla ice cream crepes with chocolate sauce for dessert. Yum.

I spent some time in the pool after the morning broadcast (7-9 a.m. on 105-7 WAPL). Maybe about 20 minutes too much time. It doesn't look as bad when I wear a red t-shirt. There's a lot of that going around! There are pools everywhere here and multiple swim-up bars. Funny how you can always find WAPL listeners at every one of them. If the water suddenly feels a bit warmer you know you're in the midst of our crew. I call it the El Niño Mak effect (named for the amazing amount of time Bob Makolin can spend in the pool without getting out to, uh, get rid of some of the many beers he has). Lots of that going around, too. 

The afternoon broadcast with John and Elwood (3-5 p.m.) got a little loose as innumerable shots of brightly colored liquors and things kept appearing on the broadcast table. Rick and I are glad the bar at the show location doesn't open until halfway through our two-hour show. That's a big fat lie, by the way.

We had a beach BBQ party last night which was a raging success. The Fox World Travel ladies (Vicky, Lynn, Betsy and Diane) deserve major kudos for that. We had a DJ cranking good rock and roll, lots of dancing in the sand and a rousing game of Chase the Ace. At one point there were 18 people in the same game with five dice moving around the table at once.

After the beach bash I relaxed the rest of the night away on John's deck telling old radio tales, dishing about our group of 175's nuttiness and listening to music you might not expect WAPL guys to like. Stuff like  The Little River Band, George Benson, Bill Withers, Ambrosia and even the Starland Vocal Band. Somehow "Afternoon Delight" seems like a better song when you're overlooking palm trees and clear blue lighted pools while feeling the soft breezes of a warm February night on the Caribbean side of Mexico. And I am not embarrassed to admit it, so there.