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feb 27th
Len's International Incident 5
A slightly cloudy day today...first one all week. It's very humid but no rain so far. Just one gorgeous day after another. I am headed back to Playa del Carmen but at night this time. Should be an adventure. I have a small bit of shopping to do for my daughter back home. It was lots easier (and cost fewer pesos) back when we started doing these International Incident trips a decade ago. I did find a few things earlier this week which will NOT be coming back in my suitcase. Oh, come on, it's not what you think. 

Lots of wild Wisconsinites came with us to the Riviera Maya but there was also lots of wildlife already here at the Grand Sunset Princess Resort.

The broadcasts have been going well. I hope you've been listening in from your frigid home state. We crowned the 2014 Vacation Game champs, Dale and Carol, this morning. They've been married 31 years and apparently know everything about each other.

Last night after the rest of the radio crew and most of our listeners were in bed, I took a stroll down to the beach. I had the run of it to myself so I just sat for close to an hour and listened to and watched the waves, tried to pick out constellations from a completely different latitude and pretty much recharged everything the natural way. I only wish a bar would have been open down there but that would have screwed up the whole natural recharge, right? (pic 6)