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feb 28th
We are at a big resort. The walk to the beach, the restaurants, or a few of the nine or so bars on property may be longish but the beautiful promenade we stroll makes it seem shorter. 

A not necessarily unpleasant but certainly unwelcome rain last night soaked one of the cool excursions. The Sunset Cruise was The Sunwet cruise.  Spirits were certainly not dampened, however. Lots of us were having another great evening far from our the frigid future which too soon awaits.

The Road Show with John and Elwood featured an informative primer on Mexican farmacia shopping with an actual pharmacist. We learned that there are about three shelves of Viagra and Cialis to every one shelf of everything else. They have cheap drugs for things like high blood pressure but I think living here might lower it by environmental osmosis.

The afternoon boys and I were fortunate to accompany Lynn and Diane into town last night for a little shopping (not for Viagra) and dinner. Live marimbas and other assorted mariachi sounds with a cold Bohemia, Pacifico or big margaritas on the rocks with calamari, creamy hot queso for starters made for a fun evening out. John disappeared into the way back storeroom of a shop down through a makeshift alley just to search through stacks of soccer shirts. He was trying to find the jersey of some stud who plays for Bayern Munich. Instead he located a Renaldo when he was with his last team. Guys can enjoy shopping, too. 

A couple of drinks back at the resort with new and old friends followed by a while on the balcony listening to security chasing some loud Canadians around the property was a fine and funny end to the night. New rule : Drunk Canadians in full throat have to pick better songs to bellow into the quiet of a warm tropical night than "YMCA." For love of the Queen, man! Maybe some Rush next time?

A final Rick and Len Show this morning, breakfast, a hasty order of Summerfest concert tickets for my daughter (I am not "seeing" Paramore any more than I "saw" One D but I wouldn't mind, truth be told) and I think I am finished here but for our last Road Show up at the Plaza Bar. I'm almost out of money so another week here ain't in the cards.

A big thanks to our Fox World Travel crew for making it memorable (1-866-GO-FOX-GO). And to the 175 or so Rockin' Apple friends who make it possible. Here's the WAPL and Fox World Travel teams from right to left: John, Betsy, Vicky, Rick, Len, Diane, Lynn and Elwood. Manana.