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jan 5th 2011
Staypuft's adventures in New Orleans continue...

Staypuft tries the mac and cheese, some gator sausage and a local delicacy: a burger topped with peanut butter and a mound of bacon and slathered with mayo. When your insides are already corn syrup, gelatin and eggs, it's pretty pointless to worry about what you eat.

Staypuft has a Christmas Eve three-way with a couple local bartenders (or as he calls it, a menage a mallow!) You know what they say? Once you go Puft, you'll love getting stuffed!

They wouldn't have needed a whole carload of this stuff if Staypuft had just washed hands between the burger and the three-way.
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jan 5th 2011
As you've probably heard, thousands of birds dropped from the sky, dead late New Years Eve and early New Years morning. What caused it. Nobody knows. (However, it does bear some similarities to the plot of last season's failed ABC series Flash Forward.)

Here's our list of:


10. Shot by Dick Cheney who mistook them for an old man's face.

9. Simply, died of embarrassment when revealed to be Chicago Bear fans.

8. Don’t really know but can anybody tell me if OJ was in Arkansas this weekend?

Took their own lives rather than live long enough to watch last night’s premier of Paula Abdul's new Live to Dance show on FOX.

Were killed by their bookies when they didn't pay up after the Badgers failed to cover the spread.

5. Just didn't want to go on living if Brett Favre wasn't going to play football anymore.

4. Encountered Ozzy Osbourne with a really bad case of the munchies.

3. Lifetime of eating brats and fried cheese curds finally caught up with them.

2. Shot by Green Bay Police who swear they thought the birds had a gun.

1. Not sure but Democrats are blaming Bush, the Republicans are blaming Obama and the Tea Partiers are demanding to see the birds' birth certificates.
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jan 4th 2011
Before departing for New Orleans, where I spent Christmas, I abducted the Staypuft Marshmallow Man from the desk of the Afternoon Road Show's John Jordan. I'll post a 2 or 3 photos of Staypuft's New Orleans adventure each of the next few days.

Staypuft enjoying a Bloody Mary at the airport bar before the flight. He's a nervous flyer!

Staypuft being shown his room by the bellhop. Why did he get to stay at a better hotel than I did? I stayed at a Motel 3. It's like a Motel 6 but only half as awesome!

Staypuft scamming on a chick passed out in the hotel lobby. I think he scored. It's hard to tell. He's always white and sticky!

You gotta admit, he looks like he's having a blast! -Rick-
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jan 3rd 2011
December 18th Calumet County
Police received a report that a muskrat was in the basement of a home on School Street. The caller told police the muskrat was stabbed with a screwdriver, but they wanted an officer to shoot it. Instead, the muskrat was put in a bag and taken out of town.

December 8th Town of Menasha
An off-duty officer from another community reported a vehicle that was driving recklessly through the parking lot on West American Drive, nearly striking another vehicle. He attempted to make contact with the driver, a 30-year-old Appleton man, who made an obscene gesture at the officer and left the parking lot, squealing his tires. Contacted later, the driver admitted to having a bad day.

December 6th Town of Menasha
Officers were called to a residence on Meadowview Drive on a report of a couple arguing over dishware and utensils.

December 11th City of Neenah
A complainant told police he was attacked while inside a tavern on Main Street and had choke marks on his neck. When police arrived, the man was gone. Others in the bar told police no altercation occurred and that the man was just intoxicated and mad about losing a game of pool.

December 16th City of Waupun
A woman on North Drummond Street called police to report someone stole her snow shovel and she thinks she knows who did it!
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