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may 31st 2016

May 22nd City of Greenfield
Police were called to the Petco with three young boys were taking turtles out of their cages, then taking them into the restroom and watching them swim in the toilets.

May 23rd City of Wisconsin Rapids
A man called police and reported his neighbor woman threatened to have someone beat him up if he didn't stop photographing her dog's feces.

May 29th Village of Howard
A 30-year-old Suamico man, who had reportedly been drinking, crashed his car into a concrete highway barrier on the flyover connecting northbound I43 to northbound I41. The man then left his car and jumped over the guardrail, apparently not realizing he was 43 feet above the ground. Amazingly, the man was not seriously injured but did receive two broken wrists and an OWI.

May 18th Village of Jackson
Officers met with a 32-year-old woman who informed them that the man who used to live in the apartment below hers was half-human, half-demon.

May 20th City of Oak Creek
Police responded to a home after a woman reported a teenager was ringing her doorbell and then acting like a bush. The boy, who was wearing a camouflage ghillie suit, was given a verbal warning and turned over to his mother.

May 11th City of Menomonee Falls
Officers were called to the Hallmark Store where a man was caught in the act of shoplifting Wizard of Oz figurines.

May 22nd City of Beaver Dam
A resident called police to report seeing a 42-year-old man in Swan City Park wearing thermal underwear with tape around him, rolling on the ground and talking to people who are not there. The man was told not to do it again and banned from all city parks for 60 days.

May 10th City of Neenah
A caller reported her mother broke her phone and kept it. After speaking with the caller, she admitted the phone actually belonged to her mother.

May 29th City of Plymouth
A resident called police to report her neighbor is planting varmints in her yard.

May 23rd City of Beaver Dam
A woman reported to police that someone came to her residence and put a bobby pin in the doorbell so that it would not stop ringing.

May 23rd City of Beaver Dam
A woman on Henry Street called police to report seeing a man putting a long gun case in a car. A responding officer discovered that the "long gun case" was actually a pool cue.

May 14th City of Mayville
A 63-year-old man reported that his birdhouse, which had been placed on a 15-foot post, had been tipped over and ripped apart. The officer observed screw drivers, hammers, a cordless drill, a photo album and three peanut butter jars near the damaged bird house. The officer made contact with two twin 6-year-old boys who lived across the street who claimed they had been trying to “repair the birdhouse". The boys’ father paid $60 in restitution for the damages.
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may 27th 2016

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week… Green Bay’s dumbest drunk driver of last weekend.

Let me explain. Last Friday night/Saturday morning, Green Bay’s OWI Taskforce had a sobriety checkpoint with mobile processing unit in the heart of downtown Green Bay, complete with medical staff to do blood draws, a judge to sign warrants and a city bus to hold drunk drivers until a sober person could pick them up. Nearby, a 50-year-old driver plowed into the front door of Karen’s Pub, hitting a group of people and injuring three women. He, while being a strong contender, is NOT Green Bay’s dumbest drunk driver of last weekend. Nor are they Weenie of the Week.

No, Green Bay’s dumbest drunk driver of last weekend and Weenie of the Week is the person who, following that accident; with the aforementioned city bus, fire units and 4 or 5 squad cars all on the scene, and the car from the accident piled up in front of Karen’s, everything police say should make clear that "Hey, if you drive drunk, this could be you", still walked out of nearby bar, allegedly drunk , got in their car and drove right into the back of one of the Green Bay squad cars at the sobriety check point.


For driving drunk despite the warnings to not do so being as clear as a choirboy’s urine sample.

For having a harder time reading the writing on the wall than Stevie Wonder in a blindfold.

And for being the dumbest, drunk driver in Green Bay which is sort of like being the biggest douchenozzle on the Green Bay city council.

We are proud to name the reportedly drunken driver who crashed into the back of a Green Bay squad car at a sobriety this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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may 27th 2016

May 12th City of Waukesha
Two anonymous callers were concerned about a male they saw lying down on the sidewalk because they thought he might not be breathing. Officers spoke to the male, who said he lays down on the sidewalk from time to time when he gets tired while walking home. He told police he might make a sign saying, "It's OK, I'm not dead," to set out when he lays down on the sidewalk in the future to avoid any more confusion or concern.

May 19th City of Green Bay
Police responded to a report of a bare naked man running up the southbound ramp on Atkinson Drive.

May 18th City of Sheboygan
Police were called to retrieve a cocktail shaker left on a sidewalk.

May 7th City of Waukesha
A friendly gesture almost came to a bad ending around after a women told police some of her jewelry and a purse were stolen from her home. According to police, the woman found out after reporting the theft that her roommate had taken the items to be professionally cleaned for her for Mother's Day and returned them to the woman. The caller chose not press charges.

May 7th Village of Germantown
A caller reported finding a dead badger on the side of the road and asked if he could claim it. Police contacted the Wisconsin DNR who said that no one can legally possess a badger because it is an endangered species.

May 14th Village of Pewaukee
Police received a call from a man who complained that his McDonald's food was cold. Police contacted the McDonald's manager, who said that the man, who has made frivolous calls in the past, was no longer welcome at the restaurant.

May 15th Village of Pewaukee
A 25-year-old man "flipped off" a police officer while riding his bike in the middle the road. When the officer stopped him, the bicyclist explained he was upset about a previous arrest. A police report said the man ultimately apologized to the officer and promised not to flip him off ever again.

May 17th Village of Arpin
A woman reported finding between 25 to 35 bottles of a brownish liquid in what had been an empty dumpster. An investigation by a deputy determined the brownish liquid was chewing tobacco spit.

May17th Wood County
A caller reported someone in his neighborhood was chasing and hitting birds with sticks.

May 18th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A man reported a neighbor was watering his lawn and the caller thinks the neighbor's water is bad.

May 18th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A man called police and reported someone stole his car. Officers determined the man was drunk and suggested he take a nap and think really hard about the car's location.

May 16th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A man called police and reported he had been locked out of his apartment for about an hour and there is a pizza baking in his oven. Police were able to help the caller get back into his apartment, however, the pizza was believed to be a total loss.

May 16th Grand Rapids in Wood County
A police officer spoke to a property owner who had placed a pile of pine needles in the road. The woman told the officer she would have her son remove the pine needles from the road as soon as possible.

May 11th City of Antigo
Officers responded to a 911 hang up call. When they spoke to the male subject, he was given a stern warning about making 911 hang up calls. This was the sixth hang up call the man had made to 911 since December. The man was told he may receive a citation for misuse of 911 if he did it again. The man then told the officer that next time he was just going to say he was calling in a drunk driver. The officer then gave the man a warning about calling in false information.

May 14th City of Antigo
Police received a 911 call from a man who told them he was taking a nap and must've accidentally dialed 911 in his sleep. The call was the same man police gave a stern warning to three days earlier about misuse of 911. This was the man's 7th 911 call since December. He told officers to just give him a ticket. 12 minutes after police left the man's home...he called 911 again and hung up.

May 21st City of Sheboygan
A woman called police to report her granddaughter was out-of-control and trying to bite her.

May 13th City of Beaver Dam Police received a report that an intoxicated man drove up to the drive through window at Wendy's and tried to order a beer.
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may 20th 2016

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…51-year-old Timothy Saling of Farmington Hills, Michigan who, Monday, was arrested at the American Club in Kohler. Police responded to a medical call at the American Club and made contact with a man, later identified as Saling, lying on the ground outside and screaming.

The officer smelled a strong odor of intoxicants on Saling's breath. When asked if had any injuries, Saling responded by barking and growling like a dog. When paramedics arrived on scene and offered to help Saling back to his room, as he could not walk on his own, he punched one of them several times in the ear and head. At that point, Saling, who was found to have a blood-alcohol level of .253, reportedly began growling and barking like a dog once again.


For actions that have landed him in the doghouse, where, I’m assuming he’s going to feel right at home.

For behavior that makes you hope the Betty Ford Center has a kennel.

And for barking and growling at police…which, I’m guessing, they at least find preferable to him sniffing their crotches.

We are proud to name alleged drunken, barking, growling, head puncher Timothy Saling as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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may 18th 2016


10. State DOT program where you get one free drunk driving arrest for every 10 punches on your card, far more popular than anticipated.

9. We're just trying to emulate the current governor by drinking until we can’t see straight.

8. We're just trying to emulate a former governor by drinking until we can’t speak straight.

7. Without fees collected from drunk driving repeat offenders, we’ wouldn't be able to afford never ending construction on Highway 41.

6. Hey, you try watching the Milwaukee Brewers sober.

5. People would never be able to survive the WAPL International Incident without an intensive year-round training regimen.

4. Thirty years ago, Appleton built a bridge leading into the downtown, then built a mall in the middle of the street so you couldn’t get anywhere. You can only justify something like that by blaming it on generations of institutional alcoholism.

3. After eating a steady diet of deep fried cheese curds, without the benefit of blood thinning alcohol, the stuff in our veins would have the same consistency of a nice fondue.

2. I swear to god, there is a number 2, I'm just too damn drunk right now to remember it!

1. You can’t wash the bad taste out of your mouth that comes from losing the North Division to the Vikings with just milk or seltzer.
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may 16th 2016

Photo is NOT the moped helmet wearer from story below.

May 7th City of Marshfield
A 78-year-old landlord came into the Police Department to a report a dispute with one of his tenants. The landlord alleged that, during an argument, the tenant flipped the top of landlord's moped helmet down and walked away. The tenant stated that he did not touch the 78-year-old landlord's moped helmet and that the helmet fell down on its own several times while the two were arguing.

May 9th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A resident called police to report that someone below his apartment was pushing his floor up. The caller also indicated that his upstairs neighbors were pushing his ceiling down.

May 11th City of Sheboygan
Police responded to a report of a man sitting outside of Wendy's, talking to himself and throwing water at passersby.

May 12th City of Marshfield
A man called police and reported his wife was throwing his items into the garbage contrary to a previous agreement made with officers that she would not throw away the man's things. The woman had reportedly thrown out her husband's nozzle.

May 14th City of Sheboygan
A vehicular chase on Kentucky Avenue ended with the driver throwing his hat over a fence.

May 6th Village of Pewaukee
A cleaning crew at the county technical college caught a student security officer in the act of eating two bags of potato chips and drinking a soda.

May 5th City of Delafield
A representative for an area company called police to report the theft of 600 pounds of used cooking oil.

April 25th City of Neenah
A caller reported a female walked out of the grocery store with a cart full of groceries she didn’t pay for. The woman then left the groceries sitting in the parking lot and got into a vehicle and left.

April 27th City of Neenah
The principal of a school called police and reported some sort of blue marker was used to write graffiti on different parts of the school. Based on the height of the graffiti, it is likely a fifth-grade student or younger and not gang related.

May 1st City of Neenah
A resident called police about a problem she was having with a robin's nest above her porch light. The birds are attacking her when she goes outside. She has requested assistance from the landlord and stated they are bird lovers so will not help her. An officer assisted in moving the robin’s nest to a nearby tree.

May 2nd City of Waukesha
A caller reported that the boy living in a neighboring apartment was yelling "I am going to kill you," and "I am going to stab you in the head." Police talked to the boy and he told them he was saying those things while playing a computer game with his on-line friend — not to anyone in the home. Police advised the boy to have more self-control.

May 7th City of Marshfield
A man told police that a woman threatened to have him incarcerated because he ate at Burger King instead of buying her son a new pair of shoes.
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may 13th 2016

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week… Cody Fyffe, Julian Cedron, Brema H. Brema all from Milwaukee and Lillian Fong from Lake Geneva, two of whom were sentenced this week with crimes relating to their alleged January break-in of the abandoned Sheboygan County Comprehensive Health Center where they were hunting for ghosts.

The four reportedly read on-line that the former asylum was haunted and reportedly decided to break in a see for themselves. The amateur ghost hunters allegedly spent about an hour in the empty building before being discovered by the caretaker.


For breaking INTO an asylum when you’d assume people seemingly this crazy might be more inclined to be breaking OUT of an asylum.

For not knowing that you don’t break into an old asylum that’s overseen by a mysterious caretaker looking for ghosts unless you have a psychedelic colored van and are accompanied by talking Great Dane and his stoner sidekick.

For not realizing that you don't break into an asylum in Sheboygan County to look for ghosts. You break into an asylum in Sheboygan get away from all the crazy people.

We are proud to name....

Julian Cedron

Cody Fyffe

Brema H. Brema

and Lilian Fong...

...who got caught after they allegedly broke into the old Sheboygan Asylum to look for ghosts as this week's Rick and Len....WEENIES OF THE WEEK!
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may 11th 2016

It was initially reported this past weekend that there had been a "stabbing" near UW-O. After it was discovered that the weapon was a bottleopener, the report to changed to indicated it was a "jabbing". One can only assume the following types of attacks are pending in Oshkosh.

An Ab-bing…That’s where you’re accosted by a physically fit man who humiliates you by publically comparing his six-pack to your half barrel.

A Fab-bing…That’s where roving bands of rouge interior designers invade your home and using bright, vibrant colors and lively wall treatments make it fabulous against your will.

A Drabbing…The opposite of a fab-ing. It’s where a group of anti-interior designers invade your already lovely home, and inspired by the look of downtown Menasha in the eighties, make it as drab and lifeless as Jeb Bush’s enthusiasm-bereft presidential campaign.

A Flab-bing..That’s where a large, sweaty man accosts you and, against your will, forces your face into his moist, clammy back fat.

A Gab-bing…that’s where you are set upon by some hooligan who, instead of physically injuring you, instead puts you through the slow, mindless, painful torture of having Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna tell you a story.

A Tab-bing…that's where someone forces you to drink the popular 60’s and 70’s era diet soda, Tab, which isn’t really that bad, unless you don’t like a beverage that tastes like Coke that was used to wash an old man’s taint.
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may 11th 2016

Inspired by Appleton Monthly's list, we came up with our own...


10. Organize the 1st annual Kimberly Laxative Fest the weekend after 28th annual Little Chute Cheese Fest.

9. Go to the Bubolz Nature Preserve in Grand Chute. Hike the trails. Take a class. Or just try not to giggle every time you think about how much Bubolz sounds like "blue balls".

8. Bring Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt and a tiny saddle to the Greenville Catfish races. Tell everyone he’s a catfish jockey.

7. Visit Appleton's Paper Discovery Center where you can learn about the history of paper and annoy the proprietors by using their restroom and wiping with one of their exhibits.

6. Visit the Building for Kids in downtown Appleton. Try not to look too disappointed when they tell you don’t actually sell kids there, then flee before police arrive.

5. Visit Little Chute’s Windmill, the area’s only tourist attraction that both literally and figuratively blows.

4. Show an interest in local geology by examining the vast collection of rocks at the Weis Earth Science Museum at UW Fox or in Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna's head.

3. Drop by Mulberry Farm in Sherwood where “Milking a cow, catching a chicken, cuddling a kitten or kiss a pig” is all included in the admission. However, that thing you like to do with the sheep is going to cost you extra.

2. Attend Mile of Music and take a dump in Corey Chisel's hat.

1. Plan a full day with your wife or girlfriend were the two of you go to one of those places where you make and paint your own pottery…all while gamely struggling not to put the gun in your mouth.

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may 9th 2016

(Actual Madison police officer holding the actual seized weapons)

May 2nd City of Madison
Police received a rash of calls from concerned citizens reporting a group of teen boys in a car shooting squirt guns at other vehicles. Officers quickly located the suspects who were armed with a pair of Super Soaker Tornado Scream water blasters that according to police, "unleash wide-stream soakage with a mighty stream of water up to 35 feet via a pressurized-trigger and spinning nozzle." Officers gave the boys a stern talking to and confiscated the Super Soaker Tornado Scream water blasters.

April 28th City of Oak Creek
An officer responded to Pick 'n Save after a man threatened to break a gumball machine. The man apparently became upset after he put 50 cents into the machine and it didn't dispense a gumball. The store reimbursed the man the 50 cents, and he again tried to put the change into the machine. Still no gumball. The man then threatened to break the machine, and told the employee to call police. When the officer arrived he put 50 cents into the machine and got three gumballs. The man was warned about his behavior and was told not to threaten to break any more gumball machines.

May 4th Village of Pewaukee
Police received a report of a 9-year-old girl dressed as a unicorn and knocking on the door of an ice cream shop. The girl's mother was nearby and told police her daughter likes dressing up in furry costumes and waving to people. She was not aware that such behavior would cause a problem that required police intervention.

May 3rd Community of Deerbrook
Officers responded to a call from a man reporting he just returned home and found a note on his door reading "return my minnow trap or else I will make your life hell". The caller told police he has no idea what this was about or who left the note.

April 28th Village of Jackson
An employee of a local business told police that they received more than a dozen, profanity-laced telephone calls from a 49-year-old man with whom they are familiar. The man would make his remark, usually incorporating the f-word, then hang up. An officer warned the man that he’d be arrested if the calls continued. The man immediately called the business again and delivered a hearty “F*** you”. When police confronted the man about the final call, he claimed it must have been a “pocket dial".

May 1st Dane County
A Stoughton man contacted police to report finding what he described as a "big box of human blood" in the middle of the road. Police determined that the box, clearly marked "human blood" belonged to the American Red Cross. A Red Cross lab technician told officers they were expecting a delivery of six boxes of blood from a satellite office, but only received five. They believe the volunteer who was transporting it, accidentally left one box of blood on the hood or roof of their car before driving off. Since the box was not damaged, the blood was still good to go.

April 30th Village of Jackson
Two officers and the sheriff's deputy were dispatched to break up a fight at the Jackson Pub. The deejay reported that he’d been paid to work until 11:00 PM but when he started to pack up, two patrons, ages 50 and 60, demanded that he keep playing music and work for free. Their demands became insistent and loud, at which time the deejay called for police protection.

April 29th Village of Jackson
The principal of the elementary school told police two of his students reported being chased by a 10-year-old with an axe.

April 29th Village of Jackson
An officer stopped an 82-year-old man on Highway 45 after he failed to dim his high beams as numerous vehicles overtook and passed him. The officer asked the man about the odor of intoxicants inside the car and the man said he was returning from a gathering of his German singing group and had had just one beer to keep his vocal cords loose. The elderly gentleman blew a .02 on the Breathalyzer apparently proving his claim that he only had enough to warm his vocal chords for his German singing group.

May 1st City of Marshfield
A man called police and reported he found a woman he didn't know in his residence. He said the woman ran out a patio door when he saw her, and he chased her until she got into a van. Officers determined the incident didn't happen and issued the man a citation for obstructing an officer.

May 3rd City of Green Bay
Officers responded to a residence on 5th Street where a child playing with toy handcuffs got stuck to a drain pipe. May 5th City of Sheboygan Police were called to Kohl's Department Store where a fired employee... keeps showing up for work.

April 27th City of Waukesha
An 18-year-old man shoved a screw through his wrist with his own hand. According to the police report, the man was upset following an argument with his mother and forced the screw through his wrist to "relieve stress."

April 28th City of Wauwatosa
A 45-year-old man who was found passed out in a grassy area was taken into custody after police asked him for identification and he handed them a marijuana pipe.

May 2nd City of Delafield
Police spotted but were unable to round up a number of male teenagers who were running around in various states of undress and shooting each other with Nerf and water guns. According to the police report, the teens ran into a house when they spotted police and refused to answer the door when an officer knocked.

May 2nd Village of Pewaukee
At 10:57am, a village police officer reported assisting a baby duck crossing the street. According to the police report, the officer "wasn't sure where the duckling wanted to go," but made sure the duckling made it safely from the railroad tracks there across a busy street. The mother duck wasn't immediately found.

May 2nd Village of Pewaukee
Police were dispatched to remove a bicycle hung from the swing set at a local park. The owner of the bike told officers he had left the bicycle at the park overnight, and suspected some "big kids" put it on the swing set. No suspects have been identified.

May 6th City of Sheboygan
Police confronted a man on the 8th Street bridge who allegedly peed and pooped in the river.

April 28th City of Waukesha
A resident asked police to be more proactive against "Muslims" and "Indians" because he was concerned some personal information he used in an online job search was going to be used against him by "terrorists." The man said his accounts had not been hacked, but demanded action by police anyway.

May 2nd City of Wisconsin Rapids
A boy told police some kids knocked on his door, he opened it, and they barged in, took his scooter and shoved it in a mud hole.

April 30th City of Beaver Dam
Police received a report of a man in a dress standing in a bush.

May 1st City of Wisconsin Rapids
A citizen called police to report finding a live hamster inside a cage inside a dumpster. Police determined that the owner of the hamster in the cage accidentally left it in the dumpster and now was in route to pick it up.

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may 6th 2016

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…68-year-old Richard Zeier of New Richmond who is accused of drinking a child’s urine, apparently as a means of achieving some type of sexual gratification. According to police, Zeier, who calls himself “a receptacle”, had a boy, under the age of 10, urinate directly into his mouth three separate times. Zeire reportedly told investigators that “over the years I've gotten a taste for it". Officers say they also found several bottles near his refrigerator containing an amber-colored liquid. Zeire confirmed that the bottles were filled with “pee”.

(He apparently likes it both in bottles and on tap!)

So, For not realizing that human urine is not meant to be drunk…it’s meant to be sprayed on the streets of Fond du Lac when you are drunk.

For apparently misunderstanding a show on the Food Network that claimed, "leeks are delicious".

And for proving the hard way that there actually is something that can leave a worse taste in your mouth than this year’s presidential election.

We are proud to name Richard Zeier of New Richmond, as this week's Rick and Len Show...Weenie of the Week!

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may 4th 2016


10. Is going to start a new website called Punchable Face…book.

9. Will spend several weeks in a deep funk unable to get out of bed giving a new meaning to the name “Lyin’ Ted”.

8. Plans to spend more time with his family…and elbowing them in the face.

7. Will just kick back and relax with a couple of Molson’s like any good Canadian.

6. Will admit that he really is the Zodiac Killer, the lead singer of Stryper, Kevin from The Office and also Becky with the good hair.

5. Will have his running mate Carly Fiorina do what she does best…and let her fire his campaign staff.

4. Is going to get together with some buddies and a basketball to shoot some “rings”.

3. Going back to tucking his daughters in at night, giving them their good night kisses and watching them flinch.

2. He's going to Disneyland...oh, wait that's just for winners.

1. Will decide if he should license the new name John Boehner gave him last week, "Lucifer in the Flesh", to be used by a Rock Band, Race Horse or Porn Film.
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may 2nd 2016

April 24th City of Franklin
A 68-year-old woman was cited for disorderly conduct after she allegedly threw and kicked items around her neighbor's lot line. As evidence, the caller gave police a video that showed the woman kicking at the rocks on the lot line and yelling, "Go blow yourselves."

April 25th City of Green Bay
Police were called to the Walgreens on East Mason to deal with a man who was disorderly and punching the walls. The man said he is angry that he did not get the Western Union money transfer he was expecting and needs that money to buy a dime bag.

April 18th City of Green Bay
An emergency rescue crew was dispatched to aid a man with a fishing lure stuck in his finger. The man had passed out but regained consciousness by the time the rescue crew arrived.

April 18th City of Greenfield
Police responded to a report of an intoxicate man crawling on all fours in the southbound lane of traffic on a busy street. Police took the man to his home and turned him over to relatives.

April 24th City of Greenfield Officers were called to the scene after a resident reported a suspicious man was pushing an ice cream cart through the neighborhood. When police asked the caller why he thought the ice cream vendor was "suspicious," he said because he thought it wasn't warm enough to be selling ice cream.

April 13th City of Menasha
An officer responded to a complaint of loud music coming from a van on Elm Street. Police could hear the music from several houses away. A man in the driver's seat was intoxicated and said he was outside playing music because his wife gets mad when he plays it inside the house.

April 19th City of Oak Creek
Police were called to a movie theater where a woman who was angry that another woman was sitting in her seat, dumped a full bucket of popcorn on the seated woman's head.

April 21st City of Oak Creek
An elderly woman called 911 to report she was being followed by a car and did not feel safe. The dispatcher informed the woman that the car that had been following her for 5 miles was a police cruiser with its lights and siren on. The officer was following her so he could cite her for lane deviations, driving without headlamps at night, and now, failure to yield for an emergency vehicle.

April 26th City of Sheboygan
Police responded to a report of a raccoon chasing a construction worker.

April 23rd Village of Pewaukee
A suspicious man sitting in a parked car in a municipal parking lot at 1:20 AM was reported to police. When officers arrived, they found the man in the driver seat with a laptop computer open. The man told police he was working on a book about physics and found it easier to write in the car than he did in his house.

April 26th Village of Pewaukee
The manager of the Costco called police to report that despite repeated warnings, a delivery driver keeps pooping behind the store. The manager indicated that he was going to warn the delivery company one more time about the problem before asking for a citation to be issued.

April 26th City of Beaver Dam
A man called police to report his neighbors' 11-year-old son used profanity and shot Nerf darts at his car.
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